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12 Best Baby Dolls For 2 & 3 Years Old Babies – 2023 Review

Updated on June 21, 2022
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Dolls are great additions to any child’s toy box. They come in so many colors, ethnicities, genders, and sizes that you can’t just choose one! The best baby dolls could be one of the thousands out there, but we have a list of the best 12 dolls for you. This is shopping made easy!

Does your child enjoy a soft and plush doll or do they prefer a doll with more vinyl-like features? Hence, is it important for the doll to come with accessories or do you just want the doll by itself?

Not only have we answered those questions for you, but we selected the perfect doll for all the different tastes that your child may have! We are sure there’s a doll on this list your child will love! 

We researched the good, the bad, and the in-between to save you some time!

Editor’s Choice

Picture of a Baby Alive Super Snacks Lily Baby

Baby Alive Super Snacks Lily Baby

Why is it better?

  • Comes with diaper and food
  • Very intertaining
  • Can be cleaned

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The Lineup At A Glance

12 Best Baby Dolls For 2 Years Old Reviews 2023

1.  Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackina Lily Baby

Every baby doll needs to get fed, and afterwards changed her diaper!

  • Comes with reusable doll food, spoon and 3 accessories
  • Prepare her food, feed her, and change her diaper afterwards

  • It can go in the water for baths
  • It only needs 1 diaper for all time play

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This cute baby dolls come with their own food kit to help her get fed whenever she is feeling a little bit hungry. This doll is recommended for children 36 months and up!

It includes the doll, diaper, reusable food and snack shaper and spoon.

Lastly, this doll can be cleaned by washing it on the gentle cycle and drying it own the lowest heat setting possible.

2. Corolle Calvin Charming Doll- Best Cool Baby Dolls

Corolle Calin Charming Doll

If you’re needing a doll that will last your child for a long while then this is the perfect doll to purchase!

  • Bean-filled body
  • Lifelike blue eyes
  • Loses vanilla scent
  • Hair is painted on 

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The soft beam bag body of this doll makes it perfect for some extra cuddles. It can be posed like a real baby without falling out of the pose like other dolls might!

That is to say, this 12” baby doll is recommended to be used by children ages 18 months to 4 years of age. The vinyl skin is scented with a touch of vanilla.

In addition, the doll can open and close its eyes and comes with a one-piece pajama set and matching cap as well. It is sure to become a favorite doll for many years to come!

Lastly, Corolle dolls have been the leader in the doll industry for over 30 years.

3. JC Toys Twin Dolls- Best Baby Doll For 1-Year-Olds

JC Toys Twin Dolls

What’s better than one doll? Twin dolls bring more life to the party!

  • Different ethnicities
  • Clothes are removable
  • Dolls can’t be dried
  • More clothing sold separately

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This doll comes with multiple ethnicities and colored eyes. It has a 13” soft body with a smooth vinyl head attached to it.

That is to say, this doll has been safety tested and had exceeded all testing it’s been put through. To clean it all you need to do is spot clean the doll with warm water and dish soap. 

In addition, the clothes of the doll can be removed and thrown into the washing machine and dryer to tumble dry. The soft body allows for non-stop hugging and cuddling!

JC Toys is one manufacturer with more than 30 years of doll making experience under their belts. We have a list of best toys for 8 month-old babies here.

4. Madame Alexander Doll- Best Children’s Doll

Madame Alexander Doll

Dolls are so much better when they can make noises!

  • Easy to clean
  • Soft to touch
  • Not for children under 2
  • Has a squeaker

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This doll comes in pink pajamas with satin ankle bows attached to it. It’s a doll fit for any little princess. This style of the doll was introduced back in 1996.

To clarify, the one-piece pajama set is decorated with white and pink checkered fabric. With a rounded white lace collar attached to it. When the doll is sitting up the eyes open and when the doll lays down the eyes close!

In addition, this doll is perfect as a first doll standing at about 11 inches tall and has a velcro closure at the front of its pajamas.

Lastly, the body is lightweight and you can easily pose it in different positions. Hence, this doll can be given to a mommy or a daughter and will be sure to please!

5. Melissa & Doug Baby Doll – Best Baby Doll For Kids

Melissa & Doug Baby Doll

This doll will be all of that and much much more for your little one to love! 

  • Arms & legs are moveable
  • Clothes are removable
  • Contains choking hazard small parts
  • Other accessories sold separately

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This doll stands at 12 inches and is suitable for children 18 months and older. This doll is perfect for your child to love, nurture, and care for!

The doll can either suck it’s own thumb or your child can place the pacifier that it comes within the doll’s mouth. The bonnet and matching romper can easily be removed and thrown in the washing machine for an easy clean.

In addition, playing with dolls can help develop motor and cognitive skills in young children. It will also help children develop their language skills as they will spend time talking with their dolls.

Melissa & Doug have sought to raise the golden standard in early childhood play for the last 30 years. They have a 100% smile guarantee whenever you buy one of their dolls.

6. You & Me Sweet Dreams Doll – Best Popular Baby Dolls

You & Me Sweet Dreams Doll

Your child will have the sweetest of dreams with this awesome baby doll! 

  • Makes noises
  • Accessories 
  • Large
  • Not machine washable 

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This doll allows your child to feed it and put it to sleep as if it is a real baby. It makes noises while feeding and snores while napping, which makes it that much more interactive to play with. 

In addition, the doll comes complete with a pajama patterned onesie, headband, pacifier, and a bottle for your little one to play with. Extra outfits will need to be purchased separately.

To add to the realistic noises the doll makes its eyes also open and close when it goes from laying down to sitting up. Lastly, this line offers car seats, strollers, ethnic dolls, twin dolls, and clothing accessories!

7. American Girl Bitty Baby Dolls – Best Dolls For 3 Year Old

American Girl Bitty Baby Doll

Tiny baby dolls are for children with tiny hands to cuddle it!

  • Removable clothes
  • Personalized welcome announcement 
  • Doesn’t stay in poses
  • Not machine washable

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This doll is 15” y’all and is extremely soft and cuddly for your child to enjoy. The eyes are open and close as your child moves it around.

The body is made of cloth while the head is made of smooth vinyl material. The doll will arrive clothed in a pink onesie and with a diaper.

As an added plus you can create a personalized welcome announcement to go with the doll. In addition, that makes for a great birthday gift!

Lastly, this doll is suitable for children ages three and older. Find more great toys for 3 year-old girl here.

8. Paradise Realistic Doll – Baby Dolls For 2 Year Olds

Paradise Realistic Doll

If your looking for a doll on the side of realism than this baby doll is the doll for your child.

  • 10 piece ensemble kit
  • Lifelike
  • Price
  • Eyes don’t move

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This realistic baby doll comes in 9 different colors and includes a 10-piece ensemble kit. The body is made of a cloth and vinyl combination of material! 

The kit includes a onesie, jacket, hat, bib, blanket, bottle, pacifier, booties, and a giraffe plush toy. This gift is not only for children but also for lifelike doll collectors.

The handcrafted each doll from the beginning to the end of the process. Moreover, it will arrive in a collectors box and with a certification number for authentication!

Lastly, if you do not love the doll the “Paradise Promise” is that if your not satisfied they will guarantee a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

9. Boutique Boy Doll – Best Soft Bodied Baby Dolls

Boutique Baby Boy Doll

There are baby dolls out there that are for your little boy! 

  • Perfect for little boys
  • Gift set
  • Vinyl isn’t scented
  • Not machine washable 

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This is a large 15-inch baby doll that features a soft body with a vinyl material made head, arms, and legs. The eyes open and clothes for a realistic effect.

In addition, this doll is apart of a gift set that includes an outfit, an extra outfit, shoes, baby bottle, pacifier, rattle, and feeding utensils. It is the perfect gift to present any little boy or little girl.

Lastly, manufacturers have tested and past all the safety tests it was put through. That is to say, JC Toys has 30 years of experience in making realistic and affordable baby dolls for adults and children alike!

10. Snuggle Buddy – Baby Dolls For Girls

Snuggle Buddy

If you’re looking for a doll that’s not as traditional as the rest then this is the doll to get!

  • No plastic
  • Lightweight
  • Not traditional
  • Large

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This doll is made of 100% imported polyester material. It is not like your other dolls in that it is not traditional. It is more so a stuffed doll than an actual doll that you can dress up and such!

Moreover, your child will love the soft fabric and satin lining that it is made of. It also has a rattle feature whenever you shake the doll.

It’s a toy that acts as a security blanket for your little one. Lastly, you can throw the doll into the washing machine for easy cleaning.

11. Playskool Kids Plush Boy Doll – Best Baby Doll For Toddlers

PlaySkool Plush Kids Boy Doll

Another boy baby doll is the perfect doll for any toddler!

  • Boosts motor skills
  • 5 dress styles
  • Lose interest 
  • Have issues with shirt buttons

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This doll is the perfect doll to boost and further develop your child’s fine motor skills. It comes with 6 different dressing accessories to help your child learn to zip, tie, button, and fasten clothing!

This is great because as children get older they will need to learn tools like this to help them in their everyday lives. It is to help children learn to get ready on their own promoting independent behaviors.

Lastly, this doll makes traveling easy as it is a whole toy set in itself. It is also easy to clean all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine!

12.  Baby Alive Snackin’ Luke- Best Silicone Baby Dolls

Bany Alive Snackin’ Luke

The best part about a doll baby is being able to feed it! 

  • Easy to clean
  • Soft
  • Food gets stuck in it
  • Polyester

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This doll is fun and interactive and comes with many accessories that allow your child to pretend to feed the doll. The baby food actually plays doh and can sometimes get stuck within the doll’s mouth!

The doll also comes equipped to poop the play-doh out so kids can practice cleaning up after him as well. All the accessories come with travel designs on them like airplanes and rocket ships!

Lastly, it helps your child with their motor skills and dexterity. It also helps them hone in on their nurturing and role-playing skills! The doll is extremely affordable.

How to choose the Best Baby Dolls For 2 Years Old

When making the choice of which baby doll to buy you can’t just rely on the doll being cute as the only purchasing criteria. You’ve got to assess the simplicity or complex nature of the doll.

Some children need a doll that is more interactive while other children just need a simple doll to cuddle and snuggle with at night!

Also, assess that the doll is age-appropriate for your child. A doll needs to be given to a child of the right age. Dolls help your child develop motor, nurturing, and other skills in their different developmental stages.

Lastly, consider the accessories. Would you prefer a doll that comes with more or fewer accessories? Eventually, your child will ask for more accessories, but that can be delayed if you select a doll that comes with a few things, to begin with.

Take your time and truly look dolls over with this criterion in mind prior to making your purchase.

1. Simplicity

A toy that has too many moving components and pieces may be too much for your little one to handle. Sometimes a simple doll that you can feed and lay down for a nap is the perfect doll for your child. A doll that does too much may overstimulate your child which can cause them obvious frustration.

2. Age-appropriate

Make sure to look at the age recommendation on the doll before purchasing it. This is to ensure you get a doll that is age-appropriate for your child. The age that is recommended for a doll is because the doll is meant to help develop different motor skills for your child at that point in time in their young lives.

3. Accessories

If you want lots of accessories to check the fine print before making a purchase. Most come with at least an outfit and matching headband. While others come with feeding utensils or an extra outfit. If it doesn’t come with enough accessories you can either find a different doll or purchase the accessories separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the baby bald or is there molded hair under the cap? If so, what color?

The head is painted a brownish color that looks like hair, but there is no actual hair.

Are the doll’s clothes removable?

Yes, the clothes can be removed, however, other outfits must be purchased separately.

Does this doll have eyes that close?

No, the eyes stay open at all times. There are other models of dolls that have eyes that will open and close.

Are the arms legs and head detachable? I’m planning on a baby shower game where they have to put the doll together

They are not detachable. So you may have to separate the pieces for the game yourself.

Are the arms and legs attached rigidly to the body or do they rotate?

The body, including the chest, back, arms and legs are all a soft fabric material and they just hang off the body. The head, hands, and feet are a plastic rubber material.

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