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Best Kids Pajamas In 2023 – Top 15 Mom’s Choices

Updated on December 16, 2021
best kids pajamas

Looking for an easy way to help your child feel cozy at bedtime? This article contains all the coziest pajamas for kids of all ages. 

Parents want their children to get a good night’s sleep each night. Kids can get rather fussy before bed when they are at their most tired. Pediatricians recommend that children get between 8-16 hours of sleep per night depending on their age to be at their best. Having the best kids pajamas can help!

Most parents don’t consider the role their child’s pajamas play as one type of best clothes in getting the best sleep possible. Pajamas can make the difference between a child feeling comfortable throughout the night and getting the rest they need and being uncomfortable and not being able to sleep. 

Editor’s Choice

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees Unisex Pajamas Toddler, Baby, Kids

Why is it better?

  • Super soft and comfy material
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Machine washable

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The Lineup At A Glance

15 Best Kid’s Pajamas 2023 Reviews

1. Burt’s Bees Unisex Pajamas

Burt’s Bees

Want the softest kids pajamas for your child? Burt’s Bees pajamas have won the award for the “Snuggliest PJ” four years in a row! Your child will love these snuggly, soft jammies.

  • Comfortable and Soft
  • High Quality

  • Runs small

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If comfort is everything to your child, then Burt’s Bees 2-piece pajamas are the way to go. These jammies are 100% organic cotton and are free of harsh flame-retardant chemicals. They will turn even the most finicky of sleepers into a pajama kid. 

These organic toddler pajamas are available for children 12 mos – 7 years and have adorable prints for both boys and girls that will work for many holidays as well. These are versatile and comfortable pajamas that are both lightweight and breathable. 

Burt’s Bees pajamas tend to run small and many parents report that they have to size up by two sizes in order to obtain the correct size for their child. Armholes and leg holes are small because the pajamas are designed to have a snug fit for safety, so make sure that whatever size you get, that it does fit snugly on your child. 

These pajamas are a bit more expensive than some of the other sets on this list but when you purchase these pajamas you are getting a quality product that many parents trust when putting their children to bed. 

Here’s what parents who use these pajamas have to say: 

“I really love Burt’s Bees Baby products, but they really really need to work on their clothing sizing. I want to love these but they are meant for babies who have zero chub in the arms.”
“This is probably the 12th pair of Burt’s Bees pajamas I have purchased for my son. I get several sets of them for him in each size as he grows and have been doing so since he was about 6 months old (he is now 2). They wash so well, wear super well, are soft and super comfy. By far the best PJs for little ones on the market, and we have tried a lot of brands.”

2. Spotted Zebra 4 – Piece Unisex Pajama Set

Spotted Zebra

Like getting two for the price of one? We know you love a good bargain and this set of 4 pieces means double the pajamas for the price.

  • Best for the price
  • Available for most ages
  • Shrinks when washed
  • Runs small

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Looking for comfortable pajamas that don’t break your budget? Spotted Zebra PJ sets will appeal to children of all ages. Pricing varies depending on what size you order, but even at the most expensive, these sets are under $20 for two sets of pajamas.

Each of these fun, printed sets contains one set of long-sleeve and one set of short-sleeve pajamas, both with their own set of pants. These are snug-fitting cotton pajamas with unisex sizing in prints that work for girls or boys. These pajamas tend to run small so it is recommended that you size up one size for most children, and two if your child is husky. 

Reports from parents also indicate that these pajamas do shrink in the wash as they are 100% cotton. Since they also run small, you should plan accordingly.

We also have awesome organic clothes for your baby here.

Here’s what parents have to say about these pajama sets:

“So comfy and cute. My daughter loves these jamjams. They have a wonderful feel to them and the short sleeve is great for spring. 100% recommended!”
“Really looked forward to getting his new pjs. So cute and soft but once washed these were super tight on my nine year old son. We will donate them to someone in need instead.”
“Great soft cotton jammies for a great value. These fit my son perfectly.”

3. Allie & Oliver – Cotton PJs For Babies

Allie & Oliver

Want the best quality pajamas for your little ones? Allie & Oliver’s unisex organic pajamas for toddlers and kids is the best quality you can find for a decent price.

  • Comfortable
  • Good Quality
  • Run Small
  • Limited Options

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We love the level of quality that Allie & Oliver delivers in these moon and stars themed pajama sets. They are all black with pink, blue, or white moon/star patches. These pajamas are made of high quality cotton and are tagless, so your child’s sensitive skin isn’t irritated by scratchy tags. 

The fabric on these pajamas is on the thinner side and has a snug fit. They do tend to run small so it is recommended that you go up one size, maybe two if you plan to wash and dry in a machine. They are a bit stretchy too, which is nice for your child when they are sleeping. 

Our only problem with Allie & Oliver is that they don’t have more colors and patterns available. We love the level of quality but would like more quantity. The good news is that these PJs are available for boys and girls from 12 months old to age 8.

Parents agree that these jammies are quality coziness:

“These are truly as cute and well made as they look! Love them!!! Washed them and put them on my son tonight for bedtime and we all swooned at the cuteness!!!”
“Great pajamas! Snug fitting and adorable print. My girls loved them and love that there’s matching baby sizes. Really soft high quality material and washed beautifully! Will definitely be buying more of these!”

4. Anna King Animal Pajamas

Anna King Animal

Does your child have an active imagination? Do they love to play dress-up? Anna King’s animal pajamas will quench your child’s desire to pretend at bedtime.

  • Inspires the Imagination
  • Extremely Warm
  • Runs Small/Sizing Issues
  • Long, Irritating Zipper

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Anna King has designed some cute pajamas for kids in animal cosplay designs that will transform your child from their human form into a raccoon, reindeer, unicorn, dinosaur, panda, or rabbit. These fleece kids winter pajamas will keep your child warm and toasty while inspiring their imagination. 

These pajamas require a hand wash and lay flat to dry. The sizing is a bit off, and runs small. Order at least one size up to ensure a better fit. There are complaints from some parents about the length of the zipper on the toddlers sleepwear, saying that it is too long and irritating. The larger sizes don’t seem to have this problem. 

Anna King’s animal pajamas do not have the enclosed feet that some body-suit style pajamas have. This is to accommodate for growth, allowing kids to continue to use these pajamas for a long time. They also have a cute, little hood that has the chosen animal face on the top.

Think your child might like these? Here are some parent reviews to help you decide:

“…My panda loving 5 year old, who wears size 6 and weighs 50 lbs., loves his size 8 costume. I purchased the larger size due to other reviews saying the crotch was running a bit short. This is a perfect fit with a couple [of] inches of space in case he grows again. Sizing up wasn’t an issue in the pant length, as the elastic ankle cuffs keep it from being stepped on. The quality is amazing. Super soft and it feels like a cozy blanket.”
“These are super soft, warm and cozy. In my opinion the size runs small and the placement of the zipper is strange-it literally goes the whole way under the crotch. They won’t fit my daughter for very long.”

5. PajamaGram Boys Flannel Plaid Pajamas


Love the look of plaid? These kids flannel pajama bottoms paired with a waffle crewneck top will look great on your little boy! This company also offers plaid pajama options for the rest of the family.

  • Lots of plaid options
  • Monogram available
  • Not real flannel
  • Very thin fabric

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PajamaGram has multiple plaid options for your kids in these cute-as-a-button pajama sets. You can choose from a variety of different plaid pants for boys. You can make these personalized kids pajamas by monogramming the matching solid long-sleeve t-shirt that accompanies the pants.

These adorable pajamas are made of polyester, a naturally flame resistant fabric, making them safe for your children even if they aren’t snug fitting. They come in sizes Boys 6 -14 and are a bit more pricey than some of the other pajamas on this list. The price is worth it because these pajamas are comfortable. They also run a bit long, making them a good option for taller kids. 

Some parents report that these pajamas shrink a bit in the wash but they should not shrink too much, since they are made from polyester, which tends to not shrink as much as cotton. The material on the pants is on the thinner side, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It actually makes these pajamas more versatile, working in cool or cold weather. 

Bummed that these are only for boys? Don’t worry! This company also offers plaid pajamas for girls, parents, and pets!

More best baby boys clothes can be found in our review.

Still not sure? Here’s some reviews from parents who bought these pajamas: 

“Comfy. Grandson is sensitive to rough fabrics and scratchy seams. Flannel sleep pants are soft and the knit top is close fitting but not tight.”
“These pajamas are expensive compared to other pajamas you may find in retail stores. However, you can’t beat the quality of the pajamas. My son will be wearing these pajamas for his Polar Express Holiday celebration for School.”

6. JOYTTON Girl’s Kids Satin Pajamas

JOYTTON Satin Girls

Do you have a little girl that loves to pretend to be grown up? These beautifully silky pajamas will make her feel comfortable and grown up at the same time.

  • Silky Soft
  • Little Girls LOVE These
  • Arms and Legs are Long
  • Sizing is Confusing

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Little girls just love these pajamas! They are silky to the touch but they are actually made of flame resistant polyester fabric and contain no harsh chemicals. They come in a variety of cute colors that any little girl would love and fit girls aged 3-12. 

The arms and legs on these jammies tend to run a bit long, so many parents have suggested hemming them to fit. The price is around $20 and we know you can get cheaper jammies but these PJs are high quality and can withstand multiple washes and can be dried in the dryer. 

These pajamas are unisex in sizing but obviously geared toward girls. The sizing is a bit difficult to understand and it is recommended that you measure your child’s height rather than go by their age range. If you aren’t sure, put in a call to the company.

These are great for “pajama day” at school or for everyday use. Your little girl will be comfortable and happy in any setting.

You can find more girls clothes in our review.

Don’t believe us? Here are some reviews of little girls that love these silky pajamas:

“My daughter will not wear any other pjs now that we have these. [A] little long in the legs for my shorty but not an issue as the are pjs just worn on the couch and in bed. The are a good quality we have washed them over 8 times without signs of wear. Very silky, not scratchy or uncomfortable areas. Will buy another pair in the future.”
“My little pre-teen LOVES these. They are soft and comfortable – and have held up after several washes. Totally worth the money.”

7. Merino Wool Kids Pajamas

Merino Wool

Live in a cold climate? You probably need something a little warmer and these wool winter pajamas will keep your child warm while still being breathable.

  • Extra Warm
  • Breathable Material
  • Not Durable
  • Pilling When Washed

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As far as wool pajamas go, these are an awesome pick for children. They come in a variety of colors and unisex sizes (2T- Kids Size 6) so you can buy a pair for all of your young children in the same place. 

These pajamas are warm, so if you live in a light or moderate climate this is probably overkill. These are winter pajamas for people who live in cold climates. 

Some complaints about this product is that it isn’t durable and gets holes and pilling after washing. This is normal for wool, which requires special care. Most people use a special type of detergent designed to be more gentle for fabrics like wool. It is recommended that if you do purchase these, that you use this type of detergent and a gentle washer setting to prevent pilling and the formation of holes. Lay flat to dry.

The best part about these pajamas is that they are made by a small family-based company that cares about their products. The wool is soft and not itchy and parents are raving about these pajamas:

“I bought for my son and he loves it!. Great quality! And most important warm and it’s real wool.”
“Great product, our daughter says she doesn’t get hot or cold anymore. It’s her favorite pair of pajamas now.”

8. Fruit of the Loom Boys Waffle PJ

Fruit of the Loom

Looking for something inexpensive and lightweight? Fruit of the Loom has this basic set of pajamas available in Boys sizes 4-16.

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Shrinks When Washed
  • Runs Small

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We love the price on these thermal underwear style pajama set! Most of the sets are under $12 and come in a variety of colors and sizes for kids. They are simple and tend to run small as well as shrink in the wash.

Though these are geared toward boys, Fruit of the Loom has comparable pajamas for toddlers through girls size 14 pajamas. For girls, there are white cotton pyjamas as well as a variety of other color choices. 

These waffle style PJs are made from a cotton-polyester blend, which means you are getting the best of both worlds resulting in a fabric that is breathable, washable, moderately warm, and comfortable.

9. Skylar Luna Boys Long

Skylar Luna

Looking for boys winter pyjamas that will have your children excited about bedtime? Skylar Luna offers a mid-weight long-sleeve pajama in fun prints that work for boys and girls.

  • Hold Up After Washing
  • Pajamas are Unisex
  • Run Small
  • Itchy Tags Hard to Remove

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These organic pajamas may say they are for boys but the company is adamant that these pajamas are completely unisex and that they have grouped them into boys and girls styles to make them easier to search for online. They come in a silky drawstring bag

What’s great about these pajamas is that they make great kids winter pajamas, fitting close to the body for safety and also keeping kids warm on cold nights. These make great infant and toddler pajamas as well and if you have kids of multiple ages you can get them all matching kids pajamas! 

The prints of these pajamas are so cute that your children will look forward to wearing them and get excited about bedtime. The only real drawback is that parents don’t like the scratchy and hard to remove tags on the inside of these cool kids pajamas. Some parents say they are difficult to removem, so if you have kids with sensitive skin, you may want to go for some jim-jams that are tagless.

It’s obvious these are quality pajamas! Here are some parents’ reviews of these adorable jammies:

“It’s a nice, soft, organic cotton set of pajamas. I’m only taking away one star because the tags are itchy and hard to remove completely. I’ll never understand why companies put itchy tags in baby and toddler clothes.”
“Skylar Luna Pajamas are seriously the best pajamas you can get for your kids. This is my 6th pair of Skylar’s pajamas and every pair still looks brand new and wear comfortably. They are designed to be a more snug fit and because of the nice soft texture, my kids still feel super comfy. The sad part is kids these days grow so fast and they quickly grow out of these pajamas. If you are still hesitating which brand to get. Seriously. Skylar Luna is the one to go.”

10. Skylar Luna Girl’s Short Sleeve Printed PJs

Skylar Luna Girls

Looking for summer girls cotton pajamas? We know you need pajamas for those warm summer nights and these fun, printed sets for girls are a good, cozy bet. 

  • Pre-shrunk Cotton
  • Soft
  • Expensive
  • Not enough selection

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Skylar Luna is well known for being a trusted brand of child pyjamas. We love the soft snugness of these lightweight pajamas, perfect for those warm summer nights for your little girl from sizes 12mos – Girls 10. 

Please note that the same style of pajama is also available from Skylar Luna for boys. These boys summer pajamas come in prints and colors geared more toward males. 

These pajamas do tend to run small so make sure you order one size up to get the most out of your pajamas. The cotton on these jammies is thin, breathable, and stretchy. The best news is that these organic cotton pajamas are made from preshrunk Turkish cotton, making them a quality choice compared to a lot of the other brands that shrink quite a bit after purchase. 

The downside of these pajamas are the cost. Many parents are not willing to spend this much money on pajamas but some parents swear by this brand, saying it is worth the money. They are actually a cheaper option for some of the even more expensive brands out there. Also, parents wish there were more pajama options for purchase, especially for older children.

Don’t believe us? Here are some comments from parents:

“This is well made. It is soft and comfortable. All I would ask for is more selection and bigger sizes.”
“I wish they made more in size 10! These are SO well made!”

11. Little Big Boys Summer Pajamas

Little Big Boys

Does your little boy love sharks, big trucks, or T-Rex? Then these kids summer pajamas designed for little boys will be a big hit at bedtime.

  • Adorable Prints
  • Unisex Sizing 

  • Runs Extremely Small
  • Shrinks in Wash

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Little Big Boys pajama sets are designed for summer nights and come with a tight-fitting pair of shorts and a lightweight t-shirt. These are 100% cotton so they are definitely going to shrink in the wash.

In fact, many parents warn that you should purchase these kids cotton pajamas 2 sizes larger than your child’s normal size. Make sure you read the reviews and choose the size for your child accordingly, taking into account that there is a large amount of shrinkage in the washer and dryer.

The sizing on these cute, printed pajamas ranges from 12mos – Boys Size 16 and the sizing is perfectly unisex. This means that little girls who love sharks can safely order these jammies and still have a perfect fit. These pajamas fall right in the mid-range when it comes to price and other factors like softness and quality.

Here are some reports from parents about these cute pyjamas:

“I ordered a size 7 for my son, who usually wears a size 5, and it’s a great fit. This kid loves these pajamas. He is particular about how his clothes fit, and easily irritated by any tags, loose threads, etc. He loves the look, he repeatedly says how comfortable they are, and I’ve had to battle him a little to keep him from wearing them to school. These are a great price for such cozy and cute pajamas- just make sure you order up 2 sizes, or else they’ll be tight.”
“Perfect fit for girls, too. Who says girls can’t have dinos on their pjs? Who says girls pjs have to be pink? Thankfully, these pjs are perfectly unisex.”

12.  Leveret Unisex Kids & Toddler 2

Leveret Printed PJs

Looking for lightweight girls or boys winter pyjamas? Leveret has created a set of prints that will appeal to both girls and boys, making it easy to buy matching kids pajamas for all of your children!

  • Fun Prints
  • Tagless
  • Runs Extremely Small
  • Not Organic Cotton

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We just love the patterns on Leveret’s colorful and fun cotton pajamas! These are unisex sizes for girls and boys and the size range is from 12 mos to 14 years, although it is recommended that you go up two sizes because these run extremely small and they shrink quite a bit in the wash. 

If you don’t like these prints, Leveret actually makes many more prints that you can easily find by looking up this brand online. They have baseball pajamas, seahorse pajamas, and many more! 

Some parents were upset that these pajamas had been labeled online as containing organic cotton, but it turns out that this product does not use organic cotton, just regular 100% cotton. If that is an issue for you, then these are not the right pajamas for you. 

These pajamas contain a simple long-sleeve shirt and long pants but are not designed for cold, winter nights. Instead, these are for a cooler spring or fall evening. The cotton is breathable and stretchy and they are also tagless, which means kids with sensitive skin will find nothing but comfort in these pajamas.

Still want more information? Here’s what parents are saying about these pajamas.

“This is a nice product but a full 2 sizes too small for my son. We were replacing a size 6 organic PJ’s from Costco. The size 8 is smaller.”
“My children’s age difference (6 years) makes it challenging to find coordinating pieces on a budget, but Leveret always has options for every season. I would recommend sizing up, they do tend to shrink slightly after washing. Good quality, and the print on this particular pair is adorable!”

13. Carter’s Girls 4-piece PJs

Carter’s Girls

Like to mix and match? Carter’s has the cutest coordinating 4-piece pajama sets for girls that are meant to be used interchangeably.

  • Don’t Shrink or Fade
  • Mix and Match Sets
  • Runs Small
  • Limited Sizing on Some Sets

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There aren’t many bad reviews for these sturdy, cotton pajama sets in prints that little girls will find irresistible. If you are looking for sets for little boys, Carter’s also offers similar 4-piece sets designed with boys in mind. 

The price is right for these cute pajamas, since you are getting two sets of pajamas for the price of one. The material is quality 100% cotton and it has been pre-shrunk, which means that there will be minimal shrinkage when you wash these sets. 

They run slightly small and so you may want to size up one size to ensure that the pajamas fit your child properly. There are so many cute options to choose from, ranging in size from 2T- size 14. The price varies depending on the size and set you purchase. Not all sets are available for all sizes.

These parents had good things to say about Carter’s pajamas:

“Soft, and vibrant in design. Love these, really helps my daughter keep cool on hot summer nights. All the pieces on the set are nice enough that they could also pass for day clothes.”
“Well made, they really last through multiple washings, and they don’t shrink or fade. Very comfortable for my picky 4yo and she loves the strawberries!”

14. Footed Pajamas Family Matching Onesies

Footed Pajamas

Looking for summer girls cotton pajamas? We know you need pajamas for those warm summer nights and these fun, printed sets for girls are a good, cozy bet. 

  • They Fit the Whole Family
  • Super Warm
  • Runs Large
  • Sizing is Confusing

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If you are looking for matching pajamas for the whole family, or just your kids, these onesies are a great option for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. Oh, and don’t forget your family dog! 

We reviewed all of the footed onesies out there and found that these were the warmest, most durable, and comfortable of the bunch. Designed to fit the entire family, they do run a bit big but that is the only complaint that people seem to have with these winter pajamas.

Not a fan of red? No big deal. This company actually offers many variations in color, print and style of onesie if you search for their other products. All options are offered for the whole family, some without the pet option. Some have hoods and enclosed feet, while others don’t have them. 

These warm, matching pajamas do run extremely large and the company does acknowledge this and suggests that you use their handy sizing guide to figure out the right sizes for all of your family members. They will not shrink much at all even after being washed, since they are made from polyester fleece, making them well worth the price.

Here is some praise from satisfied customers:

“Fits well and keeps you warm.” 
“Kids love ‘em”

15. Leveret Unisex Kids Pajamas

Leveret Button-Down

Looking for summer girls cotton pajamas? We know you need pajamas for those warm summer nights and these fun, printed sets for girls are a good, cozy bet. 

  • Button Closure
  • Family Matching Styles
  • Very Thin Fabric
  • Not warm

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These are the pajamas your child will want to be seen in! Whether you fall for the kids flannel pajama print or you’re more into the polar bear or penguin prints, your kids will be comfortable and not overly hot in these long sleeves PJs. 

The fabric on these pajamas is thin enough to wear in cool conditions but not overly hot for children who tend to overheat in their sleep. It is also easy to wash! You can just pop them in the washer and dryer and they come out wrinkle-free and ready to go. 

Some parents are bummed that these pants aren’t made of traditional flannel material but they are made from polyester, making them naturally flame resistant and safe for your children, even if they have a looser fit. 

Even better, these adorable button-down pajamas are available for toddlers and have sizes all the way up to Kids Size 14. Overall, these pajamas are cute, soft, and the prints will keep your kids reaching for these pyjamas night after night!

Need more evidence? Here are some comments from parents who have bought theses jammies:

“My son loved these PJs and has worn them every day since he received them for Christmas. I have washed them repeatedly and they still look and feel great. My son is 8 and these fit him perfectly.”
“True to size and comfortable material. Didn’t shrink in the dryer either which is a plus.”

Good parents want their children to have the best pajamas (or pyjamas) but don’t always have the time to do all the necessary research on which sets are the best for their child. We did all the research for you and came up with the top 15 best pajamas for kids of all ages for 2023. 

Whether you are looking for toddler sleepwear, organic kids pajamas, kids winter pajamas, kids summer pajamas, or even the softest kids pajamas, this is the right article for you. 

If you have babies, toddlers, young children, or older kids, we have some great suggestions of cute pajamas for your kids. All of our options are safe, comfortable, and made of quality fabric.

How to Choose the Best Kids Pajamas

Not sure what pajamas to get for all of your kids? Whether you are looking for matching pajamas for all of your children or just one perfect set for one child, we have made choosing the right pajamas a breeze with this handy guide on how to make a good choice for your kids.  

We know you want the best for your child and that you want to make sure they have comfortable and safe pajamas that will give them a good night’s sleep. We’ve got you and your kids covered and tucked safely into bed! Read on for more information about how to choose the best set of PJs for your adorable, little angels.

1. Safety

All baby pajamas are required to meet certain safety requirements. There are two ways that companies can do this.

The first is a snug fit. These pajamas rely on a close fit to keep kids safe from fire. Baggy, ill-fitting pajamas can actually be dangerous! 

The second is to be flame resistant. These pajamas are made from a fabric that is already naturally flame-resistant or they are chemically treated to be flame-resistant. All flame resistant pajamas have to undergo rigorous safety testing to ensure they are actually flame-resistant. 

All of the pajamas chosen for this article are UNTREATED BY CHEMICALS. 

Seriously. You don’t have to worry. All of the pajamas on this list are safe. Pajamas on our list are labeled like this: 

  • Snug Fit – Designed to be worn close to the body in a tight-fitting manner to keep your child safe.
  • Flame Resistant – Made from polyester or fleece material that is naturally flame-resistant. These fabrics are not treated with dangerous chemicals. 

2. Comfort

Comfort is one of the most important things when it comes to pajamas. If they aren’t comfortable, your child will not get a good night’s sleep that they need. 

We have ranked all of the pajamas on our list based on their level of comfort: 

  • Extra Cozy – The highest level of comfort. Moms report these pajamas to be extremely soft, cozy, and all that is snuggly. 
  • Cozy – This is the second highest level of comfort. Moms report these pajamas as soft and comfortable.
  • Soft – This is the middle level of comfort. The fabric on these pajamas is soft to the touch and not scratchy or itchy. They are not the most cozy in the world but they are soft enough to not be uncomfortable. 
  • Silky – These pajamas have a sateen or silky feel. None of the pajamas on this list are actually made of silk but some of them have that smooth, silky feel. 
  • Not Soft – This would apply to any pajama sets that were reported to be scratchy, itchy, or not soft. Luckily, we left all of those off of this list.

3. Fabric

Fabric is obviously a very important factor when it comes to kids pajamas. Here are the fabrics that are represented on our list:

  • Organic Cotton – fabric made from cotton grown using methods that have a low impact on the environment. This is much softer and considered the safest compared to other fabrics. 
  • Organic Turkish Cotton – fabric made from cotton grown using methods that have a low impact on the environment. Turkish cotton has extra-long fibers, making them softer and more absorbent than other cotton.
  • Cotton – cotton grown from plants that may be genetically modified. This isn’t as soft as organic cotton and shrinks more easily. 
  • Polyester – synthetic fabric made of various polymers. Polyester is a versatile fabric that can take on many different properties such as plush, soft, or even silky. It is not as breathable as wool or cotton.
  • Cotton-Poly Blend: a combination of cotton and polyester fibers. 
  • Organic Merino Wool – fabric made from the “fur” or wool from sheep that has a low impact on the environment. This fabric tends to be rougher than cotton and if you don’t care for it properly it will “pill” and get holes in it. It is extremely warm but also breathable.

4. Sizing

We looked through all of the pajamas that would be best for families that have more than one child. That way, you only have to consult one article to do all of your shopping! Awesome, right? 

This article features many unisex options and most of the pajamas that are featured for only boys or girls are actually available in a similar style for the opposite sex. We have labeled each set of PJS as one of the following:

  • Unisex  Designed for both boys and girls in sizing and/or style. 
  • Boys – Designed for boys in sizing and/or style.
  • Girls – Designed for girls in sizing and/or style.

All pajamas in this article fall in the following size ranges:

  • Baby: 12mos-24mos
  • Toddler: 2T-5T
  • Young Kids: 4-7/8
    Older Kids: 8-18
  • Teens: 3-19
    Adults: S, M, L, XL
  • Pets: one size

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between pajamas and pyjamas?

The only real difference is that “pajamas” is the American English way to refer to garments that are worn for sleep, while “pyjamas” is the British English term that means the same thing. Both spellings are pronounced the same way and have the same meaning. Some other common names for pajamas are; jammies, jim-jams, nightclothes, PJs, sleepwear, jams, nightwear, and sleepers.

What are the most important things to consider when buying kids pajamas?

Before you buy pajamas, there are 3 rules that every parent should know about sleepwear:
Children should wear tight-fitting pajamas or flame resistant pajamas for safety in case of a fire.
Parents should never put a young child to sleep in anything but pajamas. Pajamas are designed for safety during sleep and wearing anything else may put your child at risk.

If you are trying to avoid flame-resistant sleepwear, look for a yellow tag on clothing, indicating that it does not contain flame-resistant chemicals.

What fabrics are generally available for kids pajamas?

There are a variety of fabrics that pajamas are made from; cotton, polyester, silk, flannel, moisture-wicking, bamboo, wool, and fleece. Most children’s pajamas are usually made from cotton, polyester, or fleece because these fabrics are most suitable to meet the safety regulations for children’s sleepwear, requiring them to be tight-fitting or flame resistant. 

They also meet the other requirements parents like such as comfort for their children. Parents also desire fabrics that are easy to care for. In this article, you will find organic cotton, cotton, polyester, fleece, and wool fabric choices. These fabrics are fairly easy to care for and easily conform to the safety and comfort requirements for kids PJs.

What fabric is the safest for kid’s pajamas?

These days it is trendy to put your child to sleep in 100% organic cotton, snug-fitting sleepwear. Many moms are concerned about the chemicals added to flame-resistant fabrics and have switched to all cotton. However, today most companies have moved away from fabrics that need to be treated with chemicals. 

All of the pajamas in this article DO NOT CONTAIN CHEMICALS. All flame-resistant fabrics in this article use polyester, which is a naturally flame-resistant fabric and does not need to be treated with dangerous chemicals. No matter which pajamas you choose from this article, they are safe and untreated by harmful chemicals. For more information on choosing flame-resistant fabrics go here.

To check for recalls on children’s pajamas go here

Are Flame Retardants used in pajamas unsafe for children?

All pajamas in the size range of 9 mos – Size 14 for children need to meet specific anti-flammability requirements to prevent injuries during fires. Many chemicals that were once used for this purpose have been deemed dangerous and are no longer used in kids’ pajamas. 

However, some flame retardant chemicals that are still used such as chlorinated and brominated flame retardants have been linked with environmental damage as well as damage to the human nervous system. Once flame-resistant chemicals are added to the fabric it is almost impossible to wash them out. They are designed to remain in the fabric for up to 50 washes. 

Many parents have decided that they don’t want to take the risk of exposing their children to harmful chemicals and have decided to avoid sleepwear that uses these flame-resistant chemicals. 
All of the pajamas in this article are untreated by chemicals but still meet the safety requirements set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Why do pajamas from so many companies tend to run so small that you have to order a size or two larger to make sure they fit your child? 

Because a lot of companies rely on the snug fit to be deemed safe, companies produce small pieces, designed to fit your child’s body with a slim, snug fit. They make the arm and leg holes in their pajamas a bit smaller for this reason as well. This results in children not always fitting perfectly into the pajamas in their regular size. 

In addition, some types of cotton are not pre-shrunk and so pajamas that use this type of cotton may shrink a lot more than others. You may want to size up even further to accommodate the possibility of shrinking material. However, you still want to make sure that the pajamas fit your child snugly to ensure safety.

Be sure to read the individual descriptions on each set of pajamas in this article. We definitely review the sizing for each type and recommend if you should order a size or two bigger than your child’s normal size based on the reviews from other parents.


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