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Best Baby Car Seat Covers 2023 – Top 10 Cheap Review

Updated on June 21, 2022
Best Baby Car Seat Covers

Baby gears are versatile, baby car seat covers are also versatile, you should have one for every season. For your summer outings, many of them do double duty as nursing covers that protect your privacy and keep your baby cool.

Look for covers with breathable materials such as cotton and rayon blends. They should stretch and provide 360-degree coverage so you’re not fighting to keep it in place. They should also be simple enough to switch between the car seat and a nursing cover with zero fuss.

You’ll also want one that’s stylish enough to make the other moms jealous, but that’s just between us. Check out our summer-friendly listings below and choose the one that will work for you.

Besides providing the appropriate amount warmth for your child during the chilliest months of the year, the biggest reason you should look into getting a car seat cover involves your child’s safety in the event of a crash. 

In this review

When it comes to traveling in the winter with your baby, coats and car seats are not a good mix. When you leave a child’s coat on while they’re in a car seat, you can end up leaving the car seat’s harness too loose while making up for the added cushioning. 

Looseness in the harness can lead to the child moving around and, in the worst scenario, being ejected from the seat altogether. By investing in the best baby car seat covers, you can properly secure your baby while also keeping them snug and warm all winter long.

Editor’s Choice

Cool Beans Baby Cover

Cool Beans Baby Soft and Stretchy

Why is it better?

  • The striped pattern comes in a number of colors
  • Can be used as a nursing cover or car seat cover
  • Protects baby from weather, bugs, dust and more
  • Simply the softest

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The Lineup At A Glance

This is the list of The Best Baby Bottles in 2018, read and enjoy!

1. Cozy – Best Baby Cheap Car Seat Covers

Cozy Cover

Baby can be warm inside without the winter bulk. The front zips down so that you can get the baby in or out. Once in, zip up the zippers. 

  • Machine washable
  • Protects baby from weather elements like wind, rain, dust, and dirt.

  • The cover is a bit small for some car seats and babies can kick it off.

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The Cozy Cover is a warm, soft and cozy infant carrier cover that shields your baby from inclement weather and cold temperatures. The weatherproof microfiber shell is lined with a soft, cozy fleece and keeps baby warm and comfy. 

The pull down flap protects your baby’s face from the elements when transporting baby outdoors. Works well with all standard size baby carriers and car seats. This accessory replaces bulky blankets and quilts, resulting in time saving and convenience for parents and comfort for baby.

The Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Carrier Cover is the warm fast solution for providing warmth to your baby in his/her baby carrier. It will save you time and hassle. With a wide range of fashionable colors we find many Moms mix and match to have a new fashionable fresh look on the go.

Warm & Cozy Time Saver

Keeps your baby warm and cozy as you are out & about without the need to dress your little one in multiple layers of time consuming bulky winter clothing or a snow suit.

For Parents on the Go

Ideal for Buys Moms wanting to move quickly, snugly and securely with your baby between the house, the car and everything you need to get done in your day.

The Cozy Cover

The Cozy Cover is the ultimate car seat cover that helps replace the need to use those bulky jackets and snowsuits while transporting baby outdoors in the cold elements. 

Fits All Standard Baby Carriers

The unique ‘Shower Cap’ style Elasticized edge design makes fitting your Cozy Cover a breeze.

You just gently stretch and pull to place it on in seconds.

The great thing is it doesn’t interfere with child safety straps, so putting it in the car is a breeze also.

2.Jomolly Large Lightweight – Baby Car Seat Covers Unisex

Jomolly Unisex Large Lightweight

It protects them from wind, sun, and bugs, while also giving them a little safe haven in which they might nap. 
It’s extra large and lightweight.

  • Breathable
  • Comes with its own carrying bag
  • Doesn’t do anything in the way of keeping warmth

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Get the Benefits of our Jomolly Car seat canopy. Create a cosy, comfortable and safe environment for your precious little one. Bonus bag to store and protect your cover when not in use. Perfect baby shower gift for girls and boys. 

KEEP YOUR BABY HAPPY & HEALTHY – Helps your baby sleep while also protecting them from bugs, germs, wind and sunlight. Create a cosy, comfortable and safe environment for your precious little one with our extra large custom made stylish and unisex car seat cover. The best car seat accessory for girls and boys.

EXTRA LARGE WITH BONUS BAG – Not only is our car seat protector, extra large with the size 47 x 35 inches it also comes with a bonus bag to store and protect your cover when not in use. It can easily be placed in your diaper bag, stroller or glove compartment to take it with you anywhere you go.

What’s more?

BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – Our car seat canopy is made of 100% soft muslin cotton. The fabric is lightweight and breathable to make sure your toddler gets enough air and is not overheating. Thick car seat covers that cover the entire car seat can be a health issue for your child. Imagine yourself trying to breath under the covers in your bed. It is not that easy. Make sure you keep your babies safe and only cover your baby with breathable fabric.

UNIVERSAL FIT & MACHINE WASHABLE – Fits any make or model of infant car seats and allow full access to your car seat handle with easy access to your newborn. High quality adjustable fastener straps make it easy to adjust and will not damage the fabric. Can also be used as a blanket, nursing cover or stroller cover. Durable and machine washable to last a long time.

3. AMAZLINEN Stretchy Elephant – Cheap Baby Car Seat Covers

AMAZLINEN Stretchy Elephant

It’s stretchy and soft for baby’s comfort.
You’ll find that this canopy has two zippers for your convenience when peeking in on your baby.

  • Wind resistant but breathable fabric
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Not for the coldest of climates, but works well with a light blanket.

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PATENTED STYLISH BABY CAR SEAT COVERS for boys and girls fit your baby car seats in just seconds. Gives baby full protection from winds, drizzle, germs, bright lights, create a cozy and quiet environment. Perfect for napping during outings

ADJUSTABLE OPENING with two zippers allow mom to take a peep at baby and easily remove baby without taking the baby car seat covers off. You can adjust zippers of infant car seat covers canopy in order to modify light, ventilation, visibility, and temperature.

INSECT FREE.–The stretch anti-mosquito mesh folds down from the back side pouch, fits over front to give baby more light and fresh air while still being protected by insects and falling leaves.

What’s more?

UNIVERSAL FIT & EASY INSTALL– The light breathable stretch fabric and 4 snaps ensure secure fit on most baby car seats. Snaps keep infant car seat covers in place even in extreme winds.

PERFECT GIFT FOR SUMMER & AUTUMN: Get AMAZLINEN versatile baby car seat cover as an amazing gift for a baby shower, a mom-to-be or a new mom! It will quickly become moms’ most loved essential!

360 full protection: Gives baby full protection from winds drizzle germs bright lights creates a snug warm ultra soft and quiet environment perfect for napping during outings

Easy peep & Remove: You can peep and remove baby easily without taking the baby car seat cover off for two zippers opening design

Anti-Mosquito: The stretch mesh to give baby more light and fresh air and protect baby from flies, bees and insects

4. Matimati 5-in-1 Ultra Soft – Best Baby Car Seat Rain Covers

Matimati 5-in-1 Ultra Soft

It can be used as a blanket, stroller cover, and nursing cover as well.
This car seat cover is soft, stretchy, and beautiful

  • Very stretchy material that covers completely
  • Machine washable
  • The stretchy material makes it a tight fit for nursing in some instances

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The Matimati Multi Use Nursing Cover is the perfect solution for feeding baby on the go! It provides complete all around coverage for mom, no matter when and where baby gets hungry. Our nursing cover up lets you feel secure and confident knowing that you have complete privacy while nursing anytime, anywhere! Now both mom and baby can enjoy breastfeeding in public!

 5-in-1 MULTI USE COVER – Our functional & stretchy cover is more than just a cover! Use it as a nursing cover while breastfeeding in public, put it over the shopping cart, cover the high chair at the restaurant, use it as a canopy over the car seat and stroller while on the go, as a light blanket or changing pad, and even wear it as an infinity scarf or shawl!

COMPLETE 360° COVERAGE & PRIVACY – Nurse your baby anytime, anywhere, with complete confidence and privacy using our breastfeeding cover up. Rest assured knowing we have you covered! You no longer have to worry about on-looking strangers while nursing in public.

What’s more?

ALL AROUND PROTECTION – Complete peace of mind knowing our high quality, soft, & stylish multi use cover will help protect your baby from sunlight, wind, rain, mosquitoes, germs and pollen while out and about. Easy to use and easy to put on and take off of your car seat.

AWESOME BABY SHOWER GIFT – It’s the perfect baby shower gift every new mom will love! Neutral pattern is ideal for both boys and girls.

Both Mommy and baby will be completely comfortable in our soft, lightweight, breathable fabric. The material is perfect for year round weather, cool enough to use in the hot summer months yet still sufficient to cover baby up during cold weather. Our nursing cover canopy offers protection from outside elements, including, but not limited to: Wind, Rain, Pollen, Bugs, Germs, Bright sunlight

5. JJ Cole Weather Resistant – Baby Car Seat Covers

JJ Cole Weather Resistant

This is a warm and snuggly car seat with soft fleece lining.  This is an easy and quick way to keep your baby warm and out of the wind.

  • Outer fabric is water resistant
  • Fits over the top of the car seat with an elastic band all the way around
  • No clasp to hold the top down in inclement weather.

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LAYER OF PROTECTION: Stretch over your infant carrier or standard-sized stroller to protect your little one from the elements and low temperatures.

WARM AND DRY: Weather-resistant nylon deflects wind and light rain; Soft fleece and a blanket-style design keep out the cold in place of a bulky jacket.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Fits onto infant carriers and standard-sized strollers with an elasticized outer band; Adapt to the weather by unzipping the flap or removing the top entirely.

REFINED STYLE: Choose between multiple styles with distinct colors and patterns; Makes a great gift for expecting parents or your family.

What’s more?

UTILITY, CONVENIENCE, STYLE: Our mission is to provide products that resonate with the needs and wants of today’s busy on-the-go parents.

The JJ Cole Car Seat Cover for Infants is a highly rated cover that is made of weather-resistant nylon and a soft fleece that is machine washable. It has an elastic band that fits over the car seat and a removable zipper top that can help with temperature control. It has a blanket-style design that eliminates the need to have your baby in bulky jackets.  

The JJ Cole Car Seat Cover can also fit over standard sized strollers.

If you have cold winters and a newborn, this is the perfect thing to have. No blankets are needed which help keep the bulk down while going out to the stores or where ever! 

6. JJ Cole Original Bundleme – Baby Car Seat Covers for Travel

JJ Cole Original Bundleme

The Bundleme really wraps around your baby draping warm, dreamy shearling material overhead. 
The removable back panel lets your little one sit right up against the car seat.

  • 100% polyester–Machine washable
  • For use in cold weather climates
  • Colors may vary
  • Not waterproof

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JJ Cole brings you the Original Bundleme. Your baby will experience luxurious comfort and warmth with every walk you take, every trip to the park and every ride in the car.

The Original Bundleme surrounds your baby in comfort with plush inner faux shearling and luxuriously soft outer thermaplush.

BLANKETS NOT REQUIRED: Let your baby enjoy maximum warmth wrapped in plush inner faux shearling with a luxuriously soft Thermaplush exterior; Infants 0-12 months.

WEATHER READY: The removable top allows for easy temperature control to keep your little one comfortable on the go; Machine washer safe.

REFINED STYLE: Choose between multiple styles with distinct colors and patterns; Makes a great gift for expecting parents or your family.

SAFETY FIRST: Designed to allow safety straps to rest directly on your child as intended; The removable back panel allows your little one’s back to rest on the car seat.

UTILITY, CONVENIENCE, STYLE: Our mission is to provide products that resonate with the needs and wants of today’s busy on-the-go parents.

What’s more?

Stylish Comfort

Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to give up your active lifestyle. The Original Bundleme helps keep your baby warm and cozy on those cold days. The soft and cozy inside keeps baby comfortable without needing a bulky uncomfortable outer coat. Baby still has room to be comfortable but is tucked in from the harsh outdoor elements.

The JJ Cole Bundleme is designed to make your life easy and stress free. The back has convenient openings that make threading any safety harness through a cinch!

If the weather warms up, the top can be completely removed simply by unzipping the side. Remove the top, stash it under the stroller and you are ready to go.

7. Acelitor Stretchy Canopy – Baby Girl Car Seat Covers

Acelitor Stretchy Canopy

A large zippered opening lets parents peep inside and check on their snoozing babies. 
It also helps to keep air moving and give Baby some light.

  • Soft and stretchy
  • Folds up easily for travel
  • The car seat handle has to stay in up position when the canopy is in place

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As a parent of an infant, you will be happy to use this car seat cover that is manufactured with stretchy fabric which can be used for both boys and girls. Moreover you will love the snug warm feeling of the high-quality fabric that is windproof and breathable so that your baby will enjoy enhanced comfort, protection, and safety. 

The adjustable peep window allows you to look at your baby while he/she is sleeping without disturbing him/her and hence it is perfect for napping outdoors.

It also helps you to remove the baby without the need of removing the entire cover and the zipper will also help you adjust the ventilation, lighting, visibility, and temperature. The stretch anti mosquito mesh helps in providing fresh air and light to your baby while protecting him/her from any kind of dangers and weather conditions.

What’s more?

PATENTED STYLISH BABY CAR SEAT COVERS for boys and girls fit your baby car seat in just seconds. Gives baby full protection from winds, drizzle, germs, bright lights , winter snow. Create a snug warm ultra soft and quiet environment, perfect for napping during outings

ADJUSTABLE OPENING with two zippers allow mom to take a peep at baby and easily remove baby without taking the baby car seat covers off. You can adjust zippers of infant car seat covers canopy in order to modify light, ventilation, visibility, and temperature.

INSECT FREE.–The stretch anti-mosquito mesh folds down from the backside pouch, fits over front to give baby more light and fresh air while still being protected by insects and falling leaves.

UNIVERSAL FIT & EASY INSTALL– The light breathable stretch fabric and 4 snaps ensure secure fit on most baby car seats. Snaps keep infant car seat covers in place even in extreme winds.

8. Kids N’ Such 2 in 1 Peekaboo – Baby Car Seat Rain Covers

Kids N' Such Peekaboo

The Peekaboo is the perfect size for most baby car seats. 
It’s better than a blanket because it doesn’t fall off.

  • Snaps down the front to provide peek-a-boo opening
  • Attaches to carrier handle to keep it in place
  • This cover may be too small for Grayco carries as it doesn’t drape all the way and leaves openings in the sides.

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DOES YOUR BABY SLEEP IN THEIR CAR SEAT? Our cute Car Seat Canopies gives infants a darker, cozier environment to sleep in allowing you to travel around to the mall, restaurants, and wherever else you run errands.

NEVER COMPROMISE YOUR BABY’S SAFETY again by throwing a blanket over their carrier. Our unique Peekaboo Opening snaps AROUND the handle so you can always maintain a firm grip while toting your child from place to place. See how by looking at our images!

NURSING YOUR BABY IN PUBLIC no longer has to be a burden. The Peekaboo Opening gives breastfeeding mothers another 2 in 1 baby accessory that will provide modest coverage while nursing. Just remove the Car Seat Cover from the car seat and wear it like a bib! Check out the images to see how easy it is.


Each Car Seat Cover provides umbrella-like protection against: Nosy strangers, Germs, Rain, Insects, Sunshine or bright lights, Heat, Cold, Mild wind, Airborne substances like dirt, sand, and dust

Unlike other carrier covers, the Kids N’ Such Carrier Cover comes with a Peekaboo Opening that adds additional safety, comfort, and convenience to the traditional canopy design.

EMERGENCY NURSING BLANKET: Remove the Cover from the baby carrier and snap it around mommy like a bib to provide modest protection while breastfeeding.

PEEKABOO: The snaps allow you to quickly peek in on your baby without having to lift the cover all the way up, keeping them sound asleep.

SAFETY FIRST: No folding or removing the Cover when it’s not being used. Simply snap the Cover behind the handle and still maintain full access to the carrier handle.

9. Kids N’ Such Arrow Pattern – Baby Car Seat Wrap

Kids N' Such Arrow Pattern

The multi-use car seat covers have a cute arrow design.
Cover can also be used as a car seat canopy, high chair and shopping cart cover, scarf, blanket, changing mat.

  • Put opening where you want it to see your baby.
  • Soft, breathable fabric that can shade your child from the sun.
  • Fabric seems thin and not very durable.

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The Kids N’ Such Multi-Use Nursing Covers can be used to cover the car seat, shopping carts, high chairs, and shield mothers while nursing; plus so much more! 

COVERED ASSURANCE. Stop worrying about your baby’s health; they will be safely nestled in their car seat away from germs, insects, wind, rain, bright lights, and nosy strangers who have no concept of personal space! #HandsOff

NURSE ANYWHERE. Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of nursing, while keeping your baby away from unwanted onlookers and unexpected distractions.

NAP-TIME ANYTIME. Extend nap time and keep your baby on their regular sleeping schedule by cocooning them under your fashion-forward car seat cover.

What’s more?

LESS IS MORE. Save space in your diaper bag and step out with less mess and less stress. Combine all of your baby’s essential gear into one multifunctional, stylish cover; you’ll have everything you need for the perfect day out with your baby.

10,000 WASH PROMISE. Kids N’ Such only makes the highest quality baby products and promise that your changing pad cover will survive the beautiful chaos of motherhood. A Modern and Fashionable Car Seat Canopy

Easily peek in on your little one and never have to wonder how they’re doing.

Each Multi Use Cover is made from a machine washable, high quality fabric that stretches comfortably around your child’s car seat.

Intended for year-round use, our special blend fabric is breathable for summer, yet capable of cutting down on the wind during cooler winter months.

360° Protection from: Wind, rain, or bugs, Nosy strangers, Germs, Airborne particles like dust and dirt, Bright lights

It’s amazing how many ways you can use the Kids N’ Such Multi Use Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover, Carseat Canopy, Shopping Cart Cover, High Chair Cover, Nursing Scarf, Baby Blanket, Changing Pad, Tummy Time Play Mat, and so much more!

10. Cool Beans Soft and Stretchy – Best Baby Car Seat Covers

Cool Beans Baby Cover

This canopy is perfect for nursing and for car rides! 
It’s stretchy, comfy, and protects baby from harsh elements outside such as dust and sunlight.

  • Can be used as a nursing cover or car seat cover
  • Protects baby from weather, bugs, dust and more
  • Some moms say their baby gets too warm under this cover

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Beyond Soft! Stretchy Nursing Cover, Super-Cute Baby Beanie AND Storage Pouch.

Sun, wind, germs, mosquitoes and kind strangers reaching out to touch. There are plenty of things we want to avoid exposing our newborns too, but we don’t want them (or us) to miss out on the joys of “outside life”. 

As a concerned mom you want full coverage for privacy and good breathability while having the ease to peek in without disturbing your resting baby. And thanks to our 50% natural, breathable fibers with 50% Stretch, you can!

A Versatile Time Saver

With a newborn you have enough to lug around! So anything versatile is a total win. Cool Beans Baby Cover is a soft, breathable Nursing Cover, car seat and stroller canopy, and is also a compact portable cover for high chairs, and shopping carts. Thanks to the colors and style it’s also a stylish Infinity Scarf too!

Beyond Soft

We created the softest Breastfeeding Cover on earth. Imagine the softest T-Shirt you’ve ever felt – comfortable, familiar and safe. It’s just like that! But even softer still. Your baby will feel completely relaxed as they nestle into their own private cocoon.

Light, Stretchy, Breathable

Made with 50% natural T-Shirt Material to create that Soft ‘Familiar T Shirt’ Feel, which is both lightweight and breathable. Contains 50% Stretchy fiber so you can peek in without disturbing baby! But not only that, this type of stretch is what makes Cool Beans Baby Cover so versatile and well-loved.

The Baby Gift of the Year!

You’ll easily be the best Baby Shower guest with such an adorable, versatile gift! There are 6 great colors to choose and each set comes with an adorable tiny Baby Beanie which matches the canopy and a Cool Beans Baby Bag for storage and travel.

Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Car Seat Covers

If you want to take care of your baby and protect him/her from cold temperature, strong sunlight, prying eyes, insects and rainy weather then you will need to select the best baby car seat covers. This is important for getting peace of mind as your baby will be safe all the time as it is made with protective material that will protect your toddler from any kind of injury or accident.

It is an essential baby gear that comes in handy when you are nursing your baby and it will also offer him/her complete protection from the natural elements. Additionally, the baby car seat covers will help your baby to drift off to peaceful slumber for an enjoyable and amazing journey. 

Hence you should read the reviews of the shortlisted product as we have made it easy for you to get help from this buying guide that will assist you in buying the best product for your child.

You can look at some other booster car seats in our review.

1. Material

The most important factor that you will need to consider when purchasing the best product is to look for materials that will help your baby stay comfortable during the car ride. 

The material needs to be soft and comfortable so that it does not cause rashes or allergies on the baby soft skin even after long journeys hours in the car. 

Hence you need to look for material like cotton so that it will remain cools even in hot summer months.

And it should be breathable fabric that will allow your baby to stay calm inside the car.

2. Right size

If you want your child to stay safe and protected then it is important that you select the right size of the baby car seat covers;

So that it will help in offering the right level of comfort and protection to the baby. 

You also need to make sure that the harness is of the required height.

And it should be tight enough for ensuring that the child is properly secured on the seat.

3. Sleep protection

When buying the car seat cover for your baby, you need to look for a product that will facilitate sleep protection for your baby,  so that he/she will go on longer naps while inside the car. 

Moreover, the selection of the right cover is very important for offering you complete peace of mind.

As it will offer easy accessibility of checking your bundle of joy without disturbing his/her slumber.

4. Temperature control

The baby car seat covers are considered as the most important gear for your little one as it will help you in protecting your baby from changing weather conditions. 

Additionally, it should be designed in a manner for offering complete comfort to your baby in winter as well as summer months as he/she should enjoy using the product while the temperature is in check.

In addition to this, the car seat covers are an excellent alternative to the extra layers of clothing that your child needs during the winter season. 

He/she will remain dry, happy and comfortable if you buy the best seat cover so that you will have an enjoyable trip.

3. Safety

There’s a difference between blankets and close-fitting car seat covers. 

Infant covers that are fitted around the car seat tend to be a little bit safer as baby can neither kick them off not get tangled in them or cover their little mouth with them. 

Loose-fitting blankets and drapes are wonderful for summer weather, but we recommend using those when you are out and about with baby and have their seat hooked into a stroller, or within easy reach for you, just in case they manage to get tangled up. You can also use a convertible car seat for your baby.

The fitted covers (sometimes called ‘boots’) can be used while the vehicle is in motion if, and only if, there is a visible hole for you to see baby’s face, the cover does not wrap between baby’s body and the seat, and the design allows for you to easily secure the seat in your car with no obstruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my stretchy car seat cover in other ways?

With some, there are infinite possibilities. Most have a hole in the top so you can check the baby and access the carrier handle. You can use these as a high chair cover to catch flying food, as a stroller cover to protect the baby from the weather and prying eyes, as a cover in a shopping cart to keep germs off the baby, or drape loosely over the baby so that you can nurse him with some privacy.

I’m getting a cover with a full flap in the front so I can make sure my baby has air. Are zippers or snaps the best closure?

Zippered covers seem to have fewer complaints than those that snap. On some covers, the snaps sometimes break. 

I live in a place where the winters are harsh and the summers tend to be hot. Should I buy one car seat cover for each season?

You should probably make your decision based on the current weather conditions and over the next few months. Many car seat covers can be used year-round. Your baby may grow like a weed over the next months, so you may end up wanting to change the style from fitted to wrapped or vice versa.

Will a baby car seat cover void my car seat warranty?

You will have to check the labels on your car seat and the cover. Some manufacturers will void the warranty if you add any accessories to the car seat.

Can face flaps be left in the down position safely?

That would depend upon your car seat size and how far away the cover is from the baby. Also is the airflow good in your particular car seat cover? The face flap should not be left down for an extended period of time nor while the baby is unattended.

How do I wash my baby’s car seat cover?

Your best practice is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Many are machine washable and dry on low heat or air dry.

Are infant car seat covers safe?

Infant Car Seat Cover Safety. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says to use a car seat cover only if it does not have a layer under the baby. … Car seat covers are available for most infant and toddler car seats. It’s important to know that many car seat covers are not made with flame retardant materials.

What is the purpose of a car seat cover?

A car seat cover provides a safe alternative to extra clothing layers, while still protecting your little one from the wind, rain, and snow. Keeping even your baby’s face shielded from the cold, the car seat cover ensures that he will stay dry and happy while being shuttled from point A to point B.


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