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Best 2 Camera Baby Monitor 2023 Reviews

Updated on June 21, 2022
Best 2 Camera baby Monitor

Parents can often become easily paranoid when it comes to keeping their children safe especially when they are sleeping. There’s no need to worry we brought you a list of the best 2 camera baby monitor devices for you to choose from!

If you need a little bit more information on the devices and why you should purchase one there’s no need to fret. We have listed a few benefits of having a monitoring system for your child!

The first being that it allows you to check on your child easily when they are sleeping and you need to move around the house. Also, most give the option to check the room temperature so that it never becomes too hot or cold for your baby!

They allow parents to capture precious moments as some babies only crawl or stand up when their parents aren’t watching them. You’re also able to sleep train with a monitor because it allows you to keep track of how long it may take your child to fall asleep on their own.

These benefits and many more found within the article will not only enlighten you but help you make your final choice as to which monitor best suits your family.

Editor’s Choice


IBaby Wireless Camera Monitor

Why is it better?

  • Easy to install
  • Durable

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The Lineup At A Glance

Product Vertical movement Horizontal movement Temperature sensor Check price
DBPOWER MonitorYes Yes Yes

Check Price

Infant Optics MonitorYes Yes Yes

Check Price

iBaby Wireless CameraYes Yes No

Check Price

Summer Explore MonitorYes Yes Yes

Check Price

E632 Baby MonitorYes Yes Yes

Check Price

Vtech Baby MonitorYes No Yes

Check Price

BabySense MonitorYes No Yes

Check Price

MoonyBaby MonitorNo Yes No

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8 Best 2 Camera Baby Monitor 2023 Reviews

1. DBPOWER Monitor- Best baby monitor with two cameras


If you need a camera for two children then this is the camera for you!

  • Great picture quality
  • Night vision
  • Red light shining creepily 
  • Poor sound

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This camera system can support up to 4 cameras at one time. It does support the split-screen technology systems!

The color LCD screen is 4.3 inches and has a 640*480p screen resolution. The LED lights are activated by sound meaning that when your child cries or stirs from a nap the screen will activate and alert you of their movement!

You are able to record with the camera so that you are able to catch all of the little moments your little thinks you don’t see. And even better is that you can share these moments with friends and family because the recordings are stored on a 32 GB sd card!

If the manual recording doesn’t work there is no need to worry as the sound-activated monitoring will automatically record as well. You are able to get up to 2.4 GHz of wireless charging!

2. Infant Optics Monitor- Best 2 camera baby monitor

Infant Optics Monitor

A camera monitor with great sound quality allows you to hear every sound your baby makes!

  • Sound quality
  • Durable 
  • Short battery life
  • Stopped working

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This baby monitor was the 2018 award winner of the Popular Mechanics Best Baby Monitor. It comes with the capability to interchange the optic lens!

You are also able to customize the angle and zoom so that you don’t miss a thing. When you open the app you will be able to automatically see the picture without waiting for it to load.

Which is great for lag-free instant playbacks. This camera gives you 100% privacy as none of the sounds or videos will be uploaded to the internet at any point in time!

3. iBaby Wireless Camera- Best dual camera baby monitors

iBaby Wireless Camera

A camera that will outlast your phone battery is always a great thing to have! 

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • No app
  • Can’t look down

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This camera is able to cover a wide-angle at a 360-degree pan and 110-degree tilt. This way you’re able to see the whole crib at once!

You can play music to help your child sleep soundly with this baby monitor. All you need to do is use the music player to record your voiceover of the bedtime story or song and play it as your little one fades into sweet dreams!

The camera has an HD quality screen so that you are able to see your child clearly night or day. The same images your seeing can be captured for memories as well.

You can use it with applications that can be found on PC, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. 

4. Summer Explore Monitor- Best multi camera baby monitor

Summer Explore Monitor

If audio isn’t a top priority for you then this monitor is the one you need!

  • Easy to set
  • Great battery life
  • Bad audio
  • Grainy picture quality

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This camera features a 5-inch color screen with the option to view the picture in black and white night vision. You can check the temperature in the room using the temperature sensor located on the remote.

If you thought the temperature sensor was the best part just wait until you realize that you can talk back and forth to your child through the monitor!

It comes with a 1-year warranty in case it is defective or stops working. It is easy to take with you should you travel and operates via rechargeable batteries!

You can add up to 4 cameras so that your able to have a camera in whichever room you wish to monitor. It comes with the tools you need to mount the camera anywhere!

5. E632 Baby Monitor- Best dual view baby monitors

E632 Baby Monitor

Zoom in and out on your little ones’ sweet face with this camera! 

  • Zoom
  • Sound quality
  • Temperature switches randomly to celsius
  • Can’t toggle between cameras

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This camera operates off of high-speed data wireless internet. You can view your child in real-time without the worry of loading, video lag, and WiFi is not needed for it to work.

The monitor is a large screen with a wonderful picture display and can be used for up to nine hours before the battery dies. You can have up to four cameras linked to this system at a time!

It comes with two cameras so additional cameras you may want will need to be purchased separately. When the monitor is in use it automatically switches to power-saving mode!

The temperature sensor will change colors and alert you when there is a noticeable difference in the room temperature. It comes with a kickstand and stereo quality speaker.

6. Vtech Baby Monitor- Best 2 camera baby monitor

Vtech Baby Monitor

If your little one is crafty at escaping their crib at night then this camera will capture all their night time activities!

  • Night vision
  • Picture quality
  • Can’t play music
  • Screens aren’t adjustable

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This package includes one monitor which functions as the parental unit and two cameras that can be set up anywhere within your baby’s room. When you first receive the camera it is recommended that you charge the batteries for up to 12 hours before using them!

You can see your baby at night with the automatic night vision without disturbing and waking them. It comes with a wall mount bracket so that installing it is easy.

The sound indicator can be adjusted to one of six different sound levels. It will alert parents when any sounds from the baby are made.

The language is preset to English, however, parents are able to change the setting to either French or Spanish if they choose too. It also comes with a storage system to store an extra power cord.

7. BabySense Monitor- Best baby monitor with dual cameras

BabySense Monitor

If your looking for a cheaper monitor that doesn’t skimp on quality well here’s one right here! 

  • Price
  • Battery life
  • Cycling of cameras drains the battery
  • Constant white noise

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The camera provides you with two cameras, but you can purchase more separately if you desire the four camera monitoring at a time. You can switch between cameras by simply using the OK button located on the parent’s monitor!

You can talk to your child with the two way communication button. Although I’m sure the most you’ll hear back are those precious babbling sounds from your child.

It features infrared night vision so that you can easily view your child at any point during the nighttime. You get up to 900 feet of long-range noise monitoring!

The temperature monitor features an alert system that tells parents when the temperature is either too high or too low for the baby.

8. MoonyBaby Monitor- 2 camera baby monitor

MoonyBaby Monitor

An affordable option with a great picture quality!

  • Affordable
  • Picture quality
  • Battery life
  • Can’t go up and down

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This monitor features two cameras that don’t have to be moved when you move the baby just opt for the auto scan option on the monitor. You can also add up to 4 total cameras onto the monitoring system!

Your able to communicate back and forth with your child or anyone that may be in the room at the time. It also features infrared night vision so you can see clearly throughout the room at night.

This product has rechargeable batteries and you don’t have to use WiFi in order to keep the pristine picture and sound quality. It has long-range transmission so you’re able to hear and see from your parents monitor anywhere in the house!

The camera can rotate 360 degrees but is not able to move up and down as liberally as some other cameras can.

How to choose the Best 2 Camera Baby Monitor

When choosing a baby monitor for your child’s room there are a few things we urge parents to take into consideration prior to making their final purchase. We advise that you choose a camera that guards against hacker encryption!

There’s nothing more frightening than having a camera in your baby’s room infiltrated by an outside source. Next, choose a camera that has portable capabilities. 

Parents don’t normally sit in one spot while their child is napping they usually have multiple small tasks they need to get done. So for peace of mind purchase a monitor you can take with you as you go about your tasks.

Along with portability, you’ll want a monitor with a large screen and a great range. The large screen allows you to see your baby clearly without needing an additional application. And the range allows you to go upstairs, downstairs, or past thick walls without losing power.

Following these criteria will keep you and your child safe and sound!

1. Screen size

You will want to choose a monitor that provides a screen so that you are able to see your child adequately. Larger screens can often mean better picture resolution for parents. While cameras that come with smaller screens force parents to rely on the phone application to be able to see their little one clearly.

2. Range

Choose a monitor that allows you to move about your home freely without sacrificing on audio and picture quality. One that won’t lose streaming altogether when you move far away from the camera. This is important especially if you live in an older home that has thicker walls or you live in a home that has multiple levels.

3. Portability

Check to see if the camera has to be wall-mounted or if you’re able to take the monitor with you as you move the baby about the house or if you plan on traveling. Some monitors aren’t easy to move due to the wall mount installation. While others can be moved quite easily as they feature tripod-like stands.

4. Wireless encryption 

Safety is important when considering a camera for your child’s room. Get one that guards against wireless encryption. Meaning that no one outside your home can tap the feed and use it to their benefit. It is smart to go ahead and secure your home’s wireless network prior to using a camera monitor within your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it detect motion, not only sound?

It has a video screen ,but if the baby moves and doesn’t make a sound there is no alert.

What is the capacity of the battery inside the monitor ?

Please check the battery capacity located above in the description of the product.

Does this monitor have vox? Meaning the audio and video can be off until the baby makes a noise?

No, the sound and video is always on. 

If there is sound detection alarm or temperature alarm, how can I close the alarm ?

Press any button on the monitor and you can close the alarm

How many cameras can be paired to a parent unit ?

 For this baby monitor, you can add up to a maximum of 4 cameras 


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