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No more pregnancy in juvenile.

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About Childmode

Childmode is an enlightening website that gives all parents the tools and expert advice they need to cruise through this thing called parenting.

Our goal is to empower parents new and old with strategically researched and informative content. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that the content is original and gives up to date reviews about all things baby. And from the looks of it, they’re doing an amazing job from what we can see.

Scholarship Goal

According to the most recent statistics that correlate to youth pregnancy in America. While it has declined by about 7% since 2016 it still has been recorded that 194,377 babies were born to mothers ages 15-19 years old.In most areas, sexual education classes aren’t offered to students until they reach high school. The stigma surrounding things like birth control and talking about sex is higher in the United States than in any other country.

The lack of education and guidance about sexual intimacy is a high problem for a number of reasons. The first reason it’s an issue is that when people lack knowledge of a subject and are too embarrassed to ask parents or teachers for knowledge then they turn to alternative sources.

Turning to alternative sources may mean asking their high school peers and friends or following portrayals that they see in the media and on the internet. While it is okay to ask friends your age for advice teen pregnancy is not exactly a topic of expertise in the mental archives of a 13-16-year-old.

Another reason teen pregnancy is becoming so common is limited access to contraception and the places that you are able to get contraception. A study was done by students in Texas recorded that women found it difficult to make it to the places where free birth control was available to them.

And being that the budget for Planned Parenthood and other clinics like them have been cut in half it makes providing informative health services to women young and old impossible to conduct. When you have no way to get to the clinic and the clinic lacks the resources to provide what you need it can cause things like teen pregnancy.

Childmode wants to get involved to bring more awareness to such a delicate issue through this scholarship


$500 Cash​ Price for the Winner


  • Student at an US University
  • Being mom is a plus point

Topic question

As a student, What can you do to prevent Pregnancy in Juvenile?


  • January 15th 2020: Submission Deadline
  • February 15th 2020: Winner Annoucement

How To Apply

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  2. Write a maximum 1000 words about the Topic Question
  3. Submit what you have done before the deadline January 15th 2019

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