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Best Baby Beach Tent Reviews – Top 12 Baby Sun tent

Updated on January 9, 2021
Best Baby Beach Tent Honest

Now that summer is here, we’re betting you and your family can’t wait to head out for a fun day in the sun. If you’re hitting the beach, you might need a good hat, sunscreen, and towels are likely on your packing list—but don’t forget a baby beach tent.

Baby beach tents make spending that extra time outside easy and fun. They provide your child with the necessary shade to protect their sensitive skin!

Also, beach tents provide parents with extra peace of mind. This is because you know your child is safely within the tent where you can check upon them.

The tents are also easy to assemble and put away so that cleaning up won’t take time away from having fun.

Whatever tent you choose make sure it fits all of your outdoor summer needs. Our list is extensive so pick away!

Editor’s Choice

Pacific Breeze Tent

Pacific Breeze Tent

Why is it better?

  • Great quality
  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof
  • Fillable sandbags

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The Lineup At A Glance

12 Best Baby Beach Tent Reviews

1. Pacific Breeze Tent- Best baby suntent

Pacific Breeze Tent

The breeze won’t blow you away with this baby tent!

  • Waterproof
  • Fillable sandbags

  • No front panel
  • Can’t close the front off

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Key features & details

Along with the beautiful tranquility of the ocean can sometimes come a very harsh breeze. Along with a harsh breeze, things like sand can ruin your beach experience!

In addition, the pacific breeze tent is compact, yet very sturdy in design. The frame is made of fiberglass with polyester and plastic in the siding and floors.

What’s more?

Making the frame strong enough to stand up to any breeze. The plastic flooring allows for sand to be wiped off easily!

Lastly, to anchor the tent it comes with stakes and sandbags for extra security. To secure the tent just pull on the drawstrings to snap and secure.

2. Sunba Pop-up Tent- Best baby sun tents

Sunba Pop-Up Tent

Pop-up and pop-out with this great baby beach tent!

  • Opens quickly and easily
  • Extended floor panel
  • Tricky collapse
  • Hard to work

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Key features & details

The last thing you want to do when you’re out at the beach is losing track of your child. That’s why this tent can be set up quickly so that you don’t lose track of your child!

It is made out of elastic metal material and can be set up in just three seconds flat!

In addition, to set up the tent all you have to do is take it out of the case. After removing it the tent should set up quickly on its own!

What’s more?

It may take just a small shake to position it correctly, but that’s about it.

To collapse it all you must do is fold it in half and then fold the rest of it again. It is UPF 50+, waterproof, breathable, and with mesh windows for added ventilation!

3. UV Protection Cabana- Best brand

UV Protection Cabana

Your baby will be living la Vida local in this baby cabana!

  • Zipper curtains
  • UV Protection
  • Bugs get in
  • The front panel doesn’t zip tightly

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Key features & details

Protecting your babies skin while they are young is especially important. Too much sun exposure can be detrimental to your baby’s skin!

In addition, the material of the cabana is an interwoven mesh material that allows for ventilation in and out of the tent. Some tents block the sun from coming in while turning the tent into an oven!

What’s more?

It allows ventilation and keeps your child cool at the same time.

This tent can fit two adults or two children and an adult. It features 6 stakes to anchor it as well as a case to store and carry it in!

4. Pacific Play Tent- Best baby beach shade

Pacific Play Tent

Made for sunny days, but not overly sunny!

  • Fun designs
  • Easy to clean
  • No anchor system
  • UPF 30

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Key features & details

The reason this tent is called little nursery is because of all the fun designs and colors that the tent comes in.

It helps to keep your child entertained while keeping them in the same spot without fear that they will wonder. The mesh paneling allows for them to still see the seaside views!

What’s more?

It has 3 mesh panels, one of the roll-up door and two on the sides. The upper half of the tent is made of waterproof and UV protected fabrics!

Lastly, the tent is lightweight and can be collapsed, assembled, and stored away easily!

5. Ultra Sunlight Shelter- Best baby tent for beach

Ultra Sunlight Shelter

If you need a small tent for your child that’s portable this is the tent for you!

  • Portable
  • Lightweight design
  • Small
  • Baby will outgrow it quickly

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Key features & details

When you think of all the items you have to take to the beach you definitely don’t want a huge tent to lug around as well! 

This tent is ultralight and portable for moms that already have their hands full. It’s small in size, but big enough for your baby to lounge in!

What’s more?

It comes in the shape of a pod design similar to a bassinet.

Lastly, if you need to get into the tent the average adult can kneel comfortably inside. It features two-way zippers and high-quality netting to keep bugs from getting inside.

6. Outdoor Master Beach Tent- Best toddler beach tent

Outdoor Master Beach Tent

Become the master of any outdoor activities with this tent!

  • Easy setup
  • No overheating
  • No instructions
  • Thin material

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Key features & details

If your tent is too small for your large family look no further. This tent allows for shade for everyone in your family comfortably!

It gives every family what they need so that they don’t have to take their outdoor activities inside. And let’s be honest no family wants to spend beautiful days stuck inside!

What’s more?

It can easily fit a family of four inside. The tent offers 97.5% UV protection and has three different panels on three sides to allow optimal airflow! 

Lastly, it features easy stakes for anchoring and a zipper to allow for privacy for those inside.

7. 4-Person Beach Tent- Best toddlers beach tent

4-Person Beach Tent

Twins need tents big enough for them too!

  • Spacious
  • High-quality UV protection
  • Too big
  • Hard to close

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Key features & details

This tent is big enough and roomy enough for twins to safely play in. It measures 95” x 71” x 30” which is definitely more than enough space for your children to play in!

It’s not tall enough for you to stand completely up in, but it has more than enough room for some fun at the beach! Keep in mind the tent is intended for the use of your child not necessarily an adult.

What’s more?

Above all, the carrying weight is 5 pounds. So it is easy to carry as you walk down the sandy beach to find the perfect spot to set it up!

It also comes with ground stakes and a bag to carry it in. It has multiple mesh windows and door openings to allow for airflow.

8. Monobeach Pool Tent- Best infant beach tent

Monobeach Pool Tent

Babies wanna swim too with this miniature tent pool combination!

  • Easy to fill the pool
  • Weighs 2 pounds
  • Cleaning is hard
  • Dangerous

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Key features & details

Even though babies love to play in the water the company recommended that you supervise your child as they play in the pool!

The tent comes with two pieces the shade and the pool. The shade blocks the sun while your baby splashed around in the pool below!

What’s more?

The tent is made of fabric that has UPF 50+ in it as well as it pops open can be filled with a half-gallon of water. It should be used for children 7 months to age 3!

Lastly, it gives your baby the chance to play in the water without the fear of the huge ocean. Please keep an eye on your child as water can be dangerous for children!

9. Sun Shelter- Best beach canopy for babies

Sun shelter

Fun in the sun won’t come at the cost of your child’s skin!

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for rugged weather
  • Small

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Key features & details

This baby tent is one of the most affordable beach tents on the market. An adult and child of two children can fit comfortably within the tent!

It has a silver-coated polyester Oxford fabric with a UV rating of 50+ and the mesh panel in the back allows great ventilation!

What’s more?

The tent has a storage bag for all of your child’s toys. The front door extends so that parents can stay close without worrying. And as parents, extra pockets anywhere are always a great feature to have!

10. Hamboon Instant Shelter- Best pop-up beach tents for baby

Hamboon Instant Shelter

A tent that’s easy to put up makes for a happy set of parents!

  • Metal stakes
  • Easy installation
  • Small
  • Lack of privacy

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Key features & details

If your a family that enjoys being outdoors you will want to ensure that you have the proper tent to protect your child from the sun rays!

In addition, it is suitable for multiple terrains rain, sleet, or snow! The tent is designed in a unique dome shape and is waterproof!

What’s more?

It has galvanized metal nails that will allow to secure it to the ground. This tent resembles more so of a traditional camping tent!

Lastly, again if you love the outdoors don’t worry about where your child will play. They can reside safely within this pop-up tent!

11. Bend River Beach Tent- Best baby beach tent uv protection

Bend River Beach Tent

Just around the river bend with this wonderful tent!

  • Price
  • Durable
  • Hard to fold
  • No mat

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Key features & details

This tent measures 135” x 90” x 60” when it is open and 19.3” x 19.3” when it is folded. It weighs about 1.4 pounds!

In addition, the product has UPF 50+ to offer maximum protection from the sunlight for your child. This tent is made of non-toxic material and is 100% safe for your child.

What’s more?

It is breathable on all sides and the curtains can be rolled up so you’re able to see out of it.

Because of the design, it will also keep out any trace of bugs and mosquitos while allowing for a breeze to flow through!

12. Sunba Youth Beach Tent- Best infant baby tent

Sunba Youth Beach Tent

Have as much fun in the sun as you possibly can with your baby!

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to fold
  • Worthless
  • Broken

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Key features & details

This tent is designed for children at least 3 years of age. The pool will allow your child to have a bit of fun in the water below the shade!

The fabric is coated in a UV protected material and will protect your baby from the harmful sun rays.

What’s more?

It automatically pops up and as easily as it pops open it will just as easily close and fold away. The shade is completely detachable.

Lastly, you get one tent, one carry bag, and 4 pegs included in your purchase of this baby tent.

How to choose the Best Baby Beach Tent

When you are choosing beach tents for your child you need to consider certain things before making your final purchase. The first thing to consider is the UV protection!

Babies have sensitive skin and in the first years of their life need extra protection. Get a tent that has UV protection shades attached to them.

Also, check the size of the tent before purchasing one. The tent size should be able to meet the needs of you and your family. Anchor points are important when considering tents.

The anchor points will allow you to secure the tent from the harsh ocean winds. It will also ensure that it doesn’t collapse on your child.

Last, but not least choose a design that will pop-up within seconds. The less time it takes to set up the tent the more time you will be able to spend playing with your children.

And don’t forget to get your baby sandals, which help them running on the beach.

1. UV Protection

Sime tents only provide shade because the material they are made of is manufactured out of cheap materials. Make sure that when selecting a tent you look for one that offers the optimal shade for your child. If not you could be exposing your child to skin-damaging rays.

2. Size

The size of the tent should be large enough for your child to play comfortably within it, but also big enough that your able to crawl inside and change your baby’s diaper or play with them. If you have multiple children you may also want a tent that’s able to fit multiple children inside.

3. Anchor points

A strong ocean breeze is enough to knock your tent over. When choosing a tent to get one that comes with stakes or sandbags go properly anchor the tent to the ground. The anchor points will allow you to secure the tent and keep it from collapsing.

4. Ventilation

Along with baby tents, you have to make sure the tent has ventilation. Most tents block sun rays, but don’t allow a way for the heat to escape. Tents come with mesh windows that allow airflow throughout the tent.

5. Pop-up Design

Setting up tents can be a hassle depending on what kind of tent you purchase. Make sure to choose a tent that is easy to set up. Most baby tents pop-up within seconds all you have to do is position them in the spot where you want to set it up. Just as easily as it unfolds it can fold up just as quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the opening at the bottom have a lip or wire?

No, there is no wire at the opening and the opening is flush with tent walls.

Does the tent close? If so how? Zip? Tie?

Neither the tent simply folds up and you store it inside the case and zip it up for easy storage.

Can it be used in a hotel as a toddler crib?

No, it is too thin to be used as a toddler crib. It would also be dangerous if used as a crib.

Is that a window or a screen in the back?

It is a mesh screen with a roll-up cover, but it is there to allow in some sunlight without overexposure.


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