Despicable Me Inspired Hotel Rooms Debut At Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

The Minions have arrived! Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort has just debuted the world’s very first (and only) Despicable Me-inspired hotel suites featuring missile beds and Minions, who rappel from the ceiling and surround guests with their unpredictable antics. The two-room suites feature custom-designed missile beds with Minion-inspired bedding featuring Margo, Edith and … Read more

KicKee Pants’ Butterfly Babies Collection: Clothing For “Butterfly Disease”

KicKee Pants has just unveiled their brand new comfy line of apparel for babies and kids with the “Butterfly Disease,” Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)in support of The Butterfly Fund. The Butterfly Babies Collection is specifically designed for these “Butterfly Children” as their skin is extremely delicate and fragile – similar to butterfly wings. EB is an … Read more

Super Fun Bean Bags For A Child’s Room

I’ve seen plenty of bean bags for a child’s room, but these take the cake. Hoopla Room is a shop that I just recently learned about and they offer a fabulous collection of super cute decor items, storage and accessories for kids. Their bean bags are hilariously cute and unlike any that I’ve seen in the … Read more

Review: New Samsung Chromebook Laptop

I’m going to start off with a full disclosure here – I am a self-proclaimed Apple snob. Every computer (except for our business unit), every phone, every tablet and every laptop in this house is made by Apple. I have never considered switching or purchasing a computer from another company, even if the price is … Read more