KicKee Pants’ Butterfly Babies Collection: Clothing For “Butterfly Disease”

KicKee Pants has just unveiled their brand new comfy line of apparel for babies and kids with the “Butterfly Disease,” Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)in support of The Butterfly Fund. The Butterfly Babies Collection is specifically designed for these “Butterfly Children” as their skin is extremely delicate and fragile – similar to butterfly wings. EB is an inherited disease that affects the skin and other organs, and causes severe blistering of the skin. Babies and kids who have this disease usually wear their clothing inside out as the seams are too scratchy. All items in the Butterfly Babies Collection are made with the seams on the outside of the garments.

In addition to the super cute and oh so soft butterfly and dragonfly print designs, KicKee Pants will donate 80% of the profits made from Butterfly Babies, to the Butterfly Fund to help children living with EB.

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