Review: New Samsung Chromebook Laptop

I’m going to start off with a full disclosure here – I am a self-proclaimed Apple snob. Every computer (except for our business unit), every phone, every tablet and every laptop in this house is made by Apple. I have never considered switching or purchasing a computer from another company, even if the price is at times 75% less than my preferred brand. When Staples Canada offered for me to test out the Samsung Chromebook, I was very interested to see how it would hold up during my travels and huge workload, especially considering the fact that my nose has been permanently stuck up in the air when it comes to any other brand.

large-5For the past few weeks, I’ve been giving this computer a real workout, taking it to Mexico, Florida and Las Vegas on work-related trips where speed and reliance are of the utmost necessity. The computer was ready to use straight out of the box. It’s extremely light at 2.43 lbs and is less than one inch thick. There is no wait time when you turn the computer one, with a press of a button, the machine boots up in about 8 seconds. That in itself is a huge perk as my Macbook Pro takes ten times that long to start up.

The programming took a little getting used to as the applications that I’m used to seeing at start up, are naturally quite different – dare I say, even more simplistic. Instead of the usual round of applications, Google has built-in their Search, Gmail, YouTube and Hangouts on the Desktop. It’s quite nifty, especially if those applications are ones that you use regularly. As for me, I use the first three multiple times a day, so it was nice to have the easy access. The Chromebook was great during flights as Gmail and Google Docs are available offline, so I was able to get additional work done while traveling.

large-1Overall, my favorite feature of the Samsung Chromebook is the speed and lack of crashes. I haven’t had one crash or screen freeze since I received this laptop in September, which is something that I can’t say with my MacBook Pro.

Has the Samsung Chromebook replaced my beloved MacBook? Not completely, however it is my preferred computer for writing in the evenings and I have found myself reaching for it over my MacBook during trips. I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised as Google is known for their stellar products.

large-7If you’re looking for an affordable laptop that performs beautifully, I highly recommend the Samsung Chromebook. It’s light, but mighty and for the price ($238) you really can’t beat it.

Disclosure: Staples Canada provided us with this computer for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

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