Burberry Kids! Mini-Me Fashions For Fall Winter 2013

Burberry’s children’s collection is fabulous this season (more on that soon), however my favorite is the Mini-Me inspiration. oxblood dressEvery year Burberry picks several items from their adult line and shrinks them down to a child-sized version for their ‘Prorsum’ collection. Each one of the Mini-Me pieces are inspired by the runway styles for men and women.

green military jacketThis year oxblood, camel, army green, black and a print featuring a cream background and heart ‘dots’ are trending. The nice thing about each of these shades is that they’re timeless. pony coatTrendy for 2013 yes, but they will still be ‘in’ for 2014 and onward. Burberry gets it right each and every year.

Photo credit: Burberry

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