4moms’ Big Reveal At ABC Kids Expo 2013 – 4moms Car Seat, Mini Origami & Swing!

4moms made a big announcement last week during the 2013 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. The brand is famously known for the mamaRoo and the electronic Origami stroller, but now they’re about to release three new products – one of which has completely blown my mind.

The new infant car seat 4moms is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. This is the first electronic car seat that essentially installs itself and automatically checks for auto-tensioning and leveling. If the seat is in crooked, the system will correct the base installation. How amazing is that?


4moms has revolutionized the traditional baby swing by flipping it upside down so that it rocks like a rocking horse. The rockaRoo looks cool, but I still don’t know why you would need an additional swing when you already have the mamaRoo…


Next up is the Origami Mini, a power-folding mini stroller that weighs less than 16 lbs and features a… wait for it  – cell phone charger, daytime running lights and LCD information display. Mind blown yet? Watch the video below for the press conference held at the ABC Kids Expo. It felt very “Apple” like. 4moms pulled a Steve Jobs.

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