Rosetta Stone Kids! Yes, It’s True!

I’m a huge fan of Rosetta Stone and have been using their software for years now. Suitable for adults and kids, this program is one of the best out there for learning a new language. As a fan of the Little Pim videos, there have been times that I’ve wished Rosetta Stone would come out with a children’s section or some kind of cute game for kids.

Yesterday,they announced that they’ve done just that with Rosetta Stone Kids. It’s a great game for kids and teaches them a language in a fun and educational way. The app includes original content to support two hours of game play, including activities that promote English phonetic awareness, pronunciation of letter sounds, and a grasp of everyday Spanish phrases. This is the only catch – the app is available exclusively in Spanish. I’m sure they’ll add additional languages in the near future but for now this is the only one available.

Suited for kids 3-6, the new Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds is available through the App Store for free and supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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