Snug ~ Furniture That Cuddles & Snuggles You


I can’t say I’ve ever come across anything quite as interesting as the ‘Snug’. Designed by Kumeko, this unique sack is made up of a 100% wool felt sleeve that has been lined with Jersey tubes that have been stuffed with polyurethane foam. There is a belt on the top of the sleeve that can be adjusted to fit and support your body. Such an interesting concept! It looks like an insulated potato sack, but I can definitely see how it would be comfortable and my kids would get a huge thrill out of it!

The sack comes in three sizes – small, medium and large and the price… well the price is shocking. The Snug retails for 516€ which is in and around $680 US.

What do you think of the Snug? Cool or crazy?

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