Introducing the New X-tra Carrier by Ergobaby!

Ergobaby has recently launched the new X-tra Carrier! Over the past few weeks, I have been wearing this carrier with my toddler son for a review to share, and I have to admit, I am very impressed. The Ergobaby Carriers were developed with a focus on keeping children close and comforted to their parent or caregiver. With the launch of the new X-tra Carrier, this is even more possible now for those with larger and taller body frames.

Generally, men have larger and taller body frames than women, and this carrier has been designed with that in mind (in addition to larger and taller female body frames, like myself). In full disclosure, as a postpartum plus-size woman, when I initially set out to buy a baby carrier, the Ergo Carriers didn’t fit my body as well as another brand. The new Ergobaby X-tra Carrier, however, is designed to fit like a glove for all body types.

What sets this carrier apart from their other carriers?

  • An extra 2″ of padding in the waist belt (fitting waists 34”-58”)
  • Extra-long shoulder straps (length range 30”-51”)

My toddler son is almost 20 months old, and I still comfortably wear him in a front carry, support-wise. This is a comfortable fit, it doesn’t strain my back, and my son still prefers this position. My only concern with wearing him now is that his legs are not fully supported, meaning that the seat doesn’t fit knee-to-knee for him. He may be a bit too big for this carrier at just under 33″ tall. He is 26 lbs, and, although the Ergobaby carriers are designed to support children up to 45 lbs, his legs may no longer be supported in this carrier comfortably.

The waist belt padding was incredibly comfortable, I love how the Ergobaby carriers include padding underneath the belt buckle similar to our Kelty/other brand backpacking rucksacks do. This  makes it a great fit for longer hikes, and more comfortable for back-carrying where the front buckle can put pressure on your skin. The shoulder straps are well-cushioned, having over an inch of padding, which is soft and supportive. I do have to say though, as a person of larger frame, they do add a bit more bulk to my body shape than I am comfortable with. This is not at all an issue for smaller body frames though and their padding is amazing and well-loved by many people for that support.

Our son was having a fussy day recently, and after my husband returned after being away on business, he walked him around the backyard to distract him and calm him town. My husband also enjoyed the padded waist belt buckle, and you can see he has a leaner frame than I, so the padded straps are a perfect fit on him. Happy dad and baby!

You can find your own Ergobaby X-tra Carrier online NOW at in this exclusive beautiful shade of gray, and it will be coming soon to REI (one of my FAVORITE stores) in a classic black, and soon at Ergobaby.


Disclosure: Ergobaby provided us with the new X-tra Carrier for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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