The Amazing Sodastream & How It Changed My Life

No, the title is not sarcastic, the Sodastream has officially changed my life in terms of my fizzy water habit. There is a certain brand of carbonated water that I’m partial to and I tend to purchase it whenever I am on-the-go or in need of a refreshment. Earlier this spring, my local store started selling flavored carbonated water and I was officially hooked. It’s been my beverage of choice until just recently as I’ve stopped buying carbonated beverages cold turkey thanks to this nifty invention.

The Sodastream is great for day to day use and will save additional cans and plastic bottles from entering the landfill. How? It will turn regular tap water into soda water in seconds. The unit is very lightweight and connects to a C02 aluminum gas cylinder. Once emptied, each cylinder can be exchanged for a refilled one. Many retailers participate in this service, however if there isn’t one close to you you can order refills and arrange to have the others shipped back.

The Sodastream includes a soda bottle that you fill up with water, place underneath the unit and attach securely by screwing it underneath. You then press on the carbonation button a few times and voila, fizzy water! The more you press the more carbonation is added (we found 2-3 times to be sufficient). Plain water is my preference, however my kids are partial to the flavored variety.

Conveniently enough, you can purchase many different flavor pouches including fruit, cola, Kool-Aid and even tea varieties. Each flavor pouch contains enough flavor to make up to 12 litres of your preferred beverage. As someone who isn’t fond of sugary sodas, these allowed me to enjoy the flavor of cola without a ton of sugar as I was able to control just how much of the sweetener I wanted in each batch. Refills can be found just about anywhere. Our local Canadian Tire store is stocked up with every flavor under the sun! If you can’t find them locally you can always purchase the flavor pouches on or directly through SodaStream.

We’ve been using the Genesis model for about a month now and it’s been an essential piece of equipment in our kitchen. We are heading out on a camping trip this weekend and this is the one thing I’ve already packed in our trailer! For under $100, this unit is well worth it and will pay for itself in just under a year!

Disclosure: Thank you to Sodastream for sending us the Genesis Sodastream for review! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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