Visiting Castle Village & The Enchanted Kingdom Park In Midland, Ontario

Enchanted Kingdom and Castle Village in Midland

Who would have known that a Castle Village and an Enchanted Kingdom Park would be located in the little town of Midland? I’ve been to Midland several times as a child and as an adult and although there are some excellent tourist attractions, a fairytale kingdom was one that I was completely oblivious too until recently.

Paul and Julie Des Roches have been running this fun attraction since 1973. In 1972, Paul built a small castle and over time continued to add to it.

When we arrived at the Village, the kids headed straight for The Dwarf Village. This structure consists of three child-sized buildings that are connected with steps, bridges, slopes and slides. I tried to make my way through the bridge but had to turn around as I was too tall! This is truly made for small people.

Adjacent to the park is Snow White’s Wishing Well, a real 225 foot deep well with pure crystal clear drinking water that is ice cold. We made our wishes and then enjoyed a drink – just like Snow White!

The real highlight of this village are the little houses scattered across the property. Hansel & Gretel’s Candy House is covered with candy.

We were able to peek inside The Three Bear’s house.

And even made our way though Merlin’s Castle through a bouncy bridge.

Magical Forest

There is a beautiful forest at the back of the property with a path marked with signs that display interesting and educational facts for the kids.

We spent a couple of hours here and could have easily spent more had we visited the Museum of Medieval Armament and Dracula’s Dungeons, the Museum of Horror. The latter would have been too scary for my kids, but the medieval attraction is something we are planning to check out during our next trip. Here you’ll find various forms of weaponry used during that period. Swords from Conan the Barbarian, King Arthur’s Excalibur and famous Scottish Claymores as well as other swords from the past. Chain mail, shields, flintlocks, wheelocks and a collection of Samurai and Ninja swords are also on display.
Snow White's House

The Enchanted Kingdom Park is a great place to stop for the day (bring a picnic or dine in downtown Midland) and small children will just love it as there is quite a bit of property for them to run around and play. The buildings are not new and you can’t go inside the houses, but there is sense of wonder and fun that won’t go unnoticed if you have little kids.

Admission for the Enchanted Kingdom Park will run you at $3.00 per person per day (2 years and over), Dracula’s Dungeon is $2.00 per person (5 and under free) and The Museum of Medieval Arms, Armor and Heraldry is $3.00 per person.

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