Ergobaby Introduces the Swaddler! Our Review On The New Carrier

Last week, Ergobaby announced their entry into infant swaddling products with the impressive launch of the Swaddler. The Swaddler features details distinct from all other swaddle wraps on the market. Also, if “Baby Houdini” has been a term you’re familiar with, you will absolutely love the Swaddler and its “Houdini-proof” innovative shape. My son was a champion at escaping every swaddle wrap we had tried, leaving him going from sleeping and content to uncomfortable and upset in one arm swoop. Ergobaby has created a beautiful product to help keep babies comfortable and secure as they slumber.

There are three key points that make the Swaddler stand out among other choices available on the market. The first are the arm pockets. The arm pockets tuck babies arms in close to their chest replicating the secure fetal arm position. Each of the baby’s arms slide in to a pocket on each side, and the fabric is tucked underneath the arm to fit snugly. The arms are folded across the chest, as opposed to other swaddles which can involve straightening baby’s arms in an uncomfortable, and unnatural position. The second point that makes the Swaddler unique is the wide fabric Healthy Hip Position keeping baby’s legs in the ergonomic “frog-leg” position. This keeps baby’s hips open naturally for best growth and development. The third point that I love about the Ergobaby Swaddler is the Leg Pouch. This allows you to scoop the pouch over baby’s legs to keep warm and covered. In addition to being healthy and comfy, the pouch also creates easy access for nighttime diaper changes, compared to completely un-swaddling your child with other wraps on the market. Genius!

Our little one here is my dear friend’s 5-week-old son, at just over 7lbs in the size small Swaddler.

Soft, dreamy fabric.

I love this product. Not only is the Ergobaby Swaddler innovative, healthy, and comfortable, but the material is 100% cotton knit, making it so incredibly soft that my toddler son wants to use it as a blanket.

The Ergobaby Swaddler is available now in blue and pink natural color combinations.

Disclosure: Ergobaby provided us with the new Swaddler for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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