Northeastern Ontario Tourism, Sudbury & A New Project That I’m Thrilled About!

My husband and I moved to Northern Ontario nine years ago and it’s been quite the adventure. This area was completely foreign to me and I had no idea what to expect. We have family close by and my husband used to live in one of the nearby towns as a child, but this area of Ontario is one that I’d never been to.

Fast forward two years later and we welcomed our first daughter into the world. All three of our children were born in this area and now that they’re old enough to enjoy adventure and activities, we’ve really been testing the waters so to speak, in regards to attractions, historic sights and nearby activities. You could say, I’m starting to know this entire area like the back of my hand.

I’m thrilled to announce that over the next couple of months I’ll be contributing to Ontario Tourism’s Northeastern Ontario site, sharing some of my favourite spots, tips and advice on traveling throughout this entire area.

My first post on a couple of our favourite attractions in Sudbury is live now!  Be sure to follow Northeastern Ontario on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the region as well as for links to my upcoming posts!

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