Regal Wall Decor For Kids From Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is my favorite source for all things home. If you’ve ever received one of their catalogs in the mail, you know how drool-worthy their entire line is. Last year, they extended their collection to include a huge assortment of decor piece, furniture items and toys for kids.

If you’re looking to add some luxury to your kids’ room, RH has a few wall decor pieces that should do the trick. Take the wall-mounted crown bed canopy for example. You could use this with any drapery of your choice and with a simple installation, it transforms your child’s room into an enchanted bedchamber fit for royalty. The crown is made from resin and fiberglass and has antiqued gold leafing on the exterior. A silver version is also available. Price: $299.00

Angel wings

The Gilt Angel Wings offer incredible detail with a vintage-inspired touch. They are cast from the originals, offering an exact reproduction. Stunning! Price: $299.99 (also available in gold)


Last but not least is this beautiful Wall Crown (available in pewter). Topped with a tiara, this replica of an original piece, is cast in plaster and offers a distressed gold finish for timeworn appeal.

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