No Roaming Charges In Europe For Travelers! Yes, It’s True – As Of July 2014

No that is not a typo! As of July 2014, there will be no roaming charges in Europe. A group of 27 European Commissioners cast their vote last month to ban all roaming charges, thus making travel to Europe more accessible and affordable for the everyday traveler. Roaming fees for texts, data and voice will be eliminated which means no more shocking bills when you get home from your trip.

How fantastic is that?

This is excellent news for tourism on two counts because most people require access to technology for work and business and relying on WIFI isn’t always the best bet as it can be unreliable, plus I would put bets on the fact that hotels and resorts will now expect a surge of media sharing on Instagram, Vine and Facebook. The first detailed proposals will be presented by the end of July.

Source: The Telegraph
and ThinkDigital

Photo credit: WilliamHook

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