Early Lingo ~ Introducing Babies To a Second Language In a Fun & Entertaining Format

French is our country’s second language and it is also my part of my children’s heritage. My husband is French and so it was important that our children learn the language. There are many children who are born multilingual. Their parents speak both languages throughout the day and they are immersed in both whether it be at home, school or with their peers. Our kids are exposed to both during school, but not at home. For that reason we purchased Rosetta Stone a couple of years ago, to help familiarize themselves with the language. Although it’s an excellent program it isn’t baby or toddler friendly.

Early Lingo is a program that is geared towards children from 6 months and up. It’s available in six different languages and the Early Language Series comes with 6 DVDS (You can buy each video separate)

  • Colors and Shapes at the Park (Part 1),
  • Numbers and Counting at the Farm (Part 2),
  • Opposites at the Beach (Part 3)
  • Alphabet at School (Part 4),
  • At the Market (Part 5)
  • In the City (Part 6).

We watched the entire series last week and I’m happy to say, all three of my kids were fully immersed from the very start. They didn’t get bored after the first DVD and found it interesting and entertaining. My children are 1 1/2, 4 and 6, so it was nice to have a program that they all enjoyed. Early Lingo uses on average between 1200-1500 words in the English language and offers 540 words in the 6-DVD Box Set.

The characters are very entertaining and the episodes don’t get boring. I’m hoping to watch the set a few times before introducing another language – Italian!

Early Lingo sent us a DVD set for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

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