Babar Makes Hôtel Plaza Athénée His Home In Manhattan

Babar PlazaBabar Packs His Trunk for Exclusive Stay at Iconic, Five-Star Hôtel Plaza Athénée in New York City

In celebration of Babar’s 80th birthday, Nelvana Enterprises and Hôtel Plaza Athénée have teamed up to bring Babar for an extended visit to Manhattan’s Upper East Side in the five-star boutique hotel.

Beginning this summer and running for an entire year, guests will be able to enjoy a special “creature comforts,” package including special Babar gift baskets, entertainment and promotional items, for its young guests. In addition, the hotel will host a festive fete to celebrate the 2013 holiday season – Babar-style!

As a huge fan of Babar, this is one exciting promotion! My grandmother introduced me to the beloved elephant from the very beginning. I was raised with stories of Celesteville and Babar’s kingdom and have since passed them on to my own children. As part of this new promotion, guests who book the Hôtel Plaza Athénée children’s package will receive a special Babar gift basket to include 80th anniversary Babar plush and other exclusive Babar merchandise. In addition, the hotel will offer Babar DVDs for in-room entertainment.

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