A Look At Science North In Sudbury, Ontario & Their New Ripley’s Exhibit

We’ve lived in Northern Ontario for over 9 years and after putting together a feature on our city for Savvy Sassy Moms, I thought it would be fun to feature some of our favorite spots in Sudbury, here on Child Mode.

Science North is one of the most popular attractions in Northern Ontario and offers a full-day of fun for families visiting the area. The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, is a brand new exhibit that they opened in March. It’s set to stay until September, so if you have plans of driving across Ontario, or through Sudbury, be sure to stop by as this is a real fun exhibit! We’ve been three times already and the kids still ask to visit.

Some of our favorites include the life-size model of the Titanoboa (a prehistoric snack that is unbelievably huge) as the kids can run in and out of his mouth and body. Visiting Robert Wadlow as definitely an experience. The world’s tallest man stands 8 feet 11 inches tall and the model stands up and down throughout the course of they day so you can see the difference standing vs sitting.

Albert Einstein made out of burnt and not so burnt toast.

A camel made out of toys. Justin Bieber made out of candy.

And so much more!

Once you’ve finished visiting with Ripley’s you’ll make your way through the underground tunnel to the other exhibits. This tunnel has been blasted from a 2.3 billion year old bedrock. Once you reach the end you can either take the elevators up or walk along the glass-enclosed spiral ramp and admire the giant fin whale skeleton that sits in the very middle.

Just before you reach the second floor, there is a children’s play area for babies and toddlers that the kids love so much you’ll find it difficult to tear them away.

The second floor is home to the F. Jean MacLeod Butterfly Gallery where you will find hundreds of tropical butterflies and flowering plants in a warm and glass-enclosed environment. The butterflies will flutter around you and sometimes land on your arm or shoe so be sure to shake yourself off before you walk out!

Nature Exchange is also on the second level where Bluecoats will help you and answer any questions you may have about the bugs, rocks and minerals displayed. You can even bring in your own natural item and ‘trade’ for other rocks or seashells with Science North! The Lapidary Lab will teach you the art of stone cutting, grinding and polishing, a great hands-on activity for kids 7 and up!

Up on the third floor, you have the Forest Lab. Here you’ll find everything in our province’s natural habitats from tree species and beehives to wild animals and amphibians. Bluecoat attendants will take the porcupines out for you to pet and they have all sorts of demonstrations during the day that they hold in the amphitheatre. The kids are big fans of the flying squirrel demonstration.

As you make your way up the ramp you’ll be sure to notice the Fin Whale Skeleton (the second largest species on earth measuring 66 ft long). This massive skeleton was found on Anticosti Island and Science North brought it back for assembly.

The fourth floor is highly interactive with its bed of nails, DNA shows at Club Genome object theatre, the Space Place, Stars object theatre, Speed Park Racetrack (make your own vehicle and learn about pulleys, motors and construction), a tech lab and a Body Zone.

We usually spend the bulk of our time up here as there is so much for the kids to do and see. If you have kids between the ages of 2 and 10, you will most likely be able to spend an entire day here. Dynamic Earth is its sister property and offers a ton of attractions and activities all its own. We tried packing two into one day and it was just too much. If you are planning on doing both, you’ll definitely need two days!

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