Joya: The Quick & Free Way To Share Private Videos On The Fly

I take a ton of video on my phone. Some gets posted on our YouTube channel, but the bulk of it gets downloaded and shared privately between family and friends. I have started to use Vine as a quick way to update my friends while on the go, however the clips are only 30 seconds. Emailing the file takes too long and bogs down servers if it’s a lengthy one, so we usually resort to waiting until we return.

Last week, I took my kids on an impromtu road trip to Michigan where we shopped for deals across the border. My girls love to sing and dance and so of course, they started their own little performance in the change room because, hello, that’s what everyone does! I was wishing I could have sent the video instantly to my husband over text but sadly that wasn’t possible and I was short on time. If I had known about the Joya app, I could have done just that in a flash.

With the Joya app you can share your videos privately with a link that is emailed to your chosen contact or contacts. It took me 1-2 minutes to email this one to my husband and he immediately texted back after watching. We are a very connected family, so I loved how we were able to share interactive moments with him with a click of a button.

The process for using this app couldn’t be more simple. It’s available free of charge through the App store. Once you download it, you can add friends and family from your current contacts to your “favourites”, or skip this step all together if you prefer to email on the fly. Then you allow access to your iPhone’s photo library and go tot town. Select which video you want to send, enter the contact information and Joya does the rest.

Since we travel quite a bit, you can bet we’ll be using this app non-stop. So thankful they’ve come up with a solution to sharing private videos in a snap! You can download the app directly through the app store. It works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Joya. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Since testing it out, we’ve become huge fans and use it daily.

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