Review Of The Be Our Guest Restaurant In New Fantasyland (Photo Heavy)

We were going to Disney and my agenda had been finalized, all I had left to do was book our dining reservations for the new Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland. This new restaurant has been on my radar ever since it officially opened last year. I hesitate to even call it a restaurant, this is more of what you call a full-on dining experience.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but Be Our Guest Restaurant is booked straight through November for dinner reservations,” said the attendant on the other line. My heart dropped. Luckily, we weren’t quite out of luck. The reservation specialist informed us that the Be Our Guest Restaurant offers Quick Service for lunch, which means no reservations are required and it’s essentially first-come first-serve from 10:30 a.m. through lunch.


We arrived at approximately 11:30 and the line-up went straight through the castle, but we weren’t leaving. I was determined to check-out this new addition! Hosts dressed up as royal servants came outside and passed around a menu for us to look at as we waited. It looked promising and there were more healthful options than on any other menu I’d seen at Disney World.

As we made our way closer and closer to the castle, I was struck by the attention to detail. It was incredible! The entrance was guarded by lion statues, soft music played at the entrance and when you walked in, it was like walking into a movie.

The suit of armour guarding the halls spoke to each other in audible whispers, tapestries and artwork replicas from the movie could be found everywhere and the ordering process was unlike any I had ever experienced. We were given a pink rose and escorted to one of the computer screens where we placed our order. Our rose was ‘tagged’ with the order and we were told to sit anywhere we liked. There are 3 separate dining rooms here so it’s a little hard to spot someone, but thanks to the rose, they can find you wherever you are, even if you happen to move from one dining room to the other.

We started off in the West Wing. It was hard to take video or photos here as it was so dark and the flash seemed to wash it out, so I wasn’t able to really capture the room.

The torn photo of the Prince before he turned into the Beast sits on top of the fireplace and the infamous rose loses petal after petal as you look on. The room is dark and you can here the thunder rolling outside. It’s an exciting place to dine, but if you have really small children, they might be a tad scared. Mine were, so we moved.

The Ballroom is a gorgeous dining area that is very regal. If you sit near the windows you can see the snow falling outside. Magical!

We opted to eat in The Rose Gallery. Here the kids could look at all of the artwork of Bell and the Beast as well as the large twirling figures in the center of the room.

The Rose Gallery is the only dining area that isn’t open for dinner, if you dine in the evening you have the choice between the other two areas. Our lunch was very quickly served all at once with a rolling cart. It took about 10 minutes for us to receive our order which was surprising considering how packed it was for lunch.

I can’t tell you how happy I was that the restaurant served whole wheat macaroni instead of white! The kids meals were quite small though and the portions were about 1/2 to 1/3 of what they usually eat. Adult portions were the perfect size, so we were quite full, but the kids were still hungry after their meal. The food here is excellent all around. Fresh, delicious and healthy options at an affordable price. I will be back most definitely, however will most likely order an appetizer or an extra kids meal for my kids to share.

Disclosure: Our travel costs and accommodations were covered by Disney for the Traveling Mom retreat. This meal however was paid by us and all thoughts and opinions are my own – as always.

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