Mibo Animal Rucksacks, Tea Towels, Shirts, Paper Crafts, & Tile Tattoos

Mibo is a company with home goods and an expanded line of make-at-home products for children. Their products range from shirts, rucksacks, paper animals, tea towels, giant bibs, to Tile Tattoo decals for your kitchen or bathrooms. Mibo has also just teamed up with the French company Coq en Pate to develop their line of children’s accessories. I deeply covet this entire collection ever since seeing them online at Shak-Shuka and had to post a few photos.

These adorable animals can be created from their tea towels as a sewing project! Just cut along the lines, stuff, and sew! I find that dual use factor so creative!

The paper animals would be such a fun craft for summer with selections including: Marine Team, Forest Friends, Yolk Folk, Jet Set Pets (perfect for bringing along as a surprise on a plane ride or long road trip), a Pigeon Voyageur, the Wise Guys (owls, of course!),  Wild Bunch (safari theme), and even Festive Friends, Team Halloween, and Christmas Creatures for the holidays. These animals would also be perfect for decorating a nursery or even creating your own mobile with a few sticks and some fishing line!

Your child can pick their favorite animal and pair their shirt with a matching rucksack or shoulder bag.

It’s easy to see how I could be pretty obsessed with Mibo! Check out Shak-Shuka for Mibo and Coq en Pate products along with many other fashionable and on-trend items. I love browsing her shop online and I am sure you’ll feel the same!

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