10 Last Minute Spring Break Staycation Ideas For Families

March Break is almost here and you’re staying home this year. What on earth are you going to do with the family? Don’t panic. You can have just as much fun close to home. Check out these great ideas for a last minute staycation that will help create memories for a lifetime.

Book a Hotel

Many hotels, like the Fairmont Royal York, offer specials during March Break. Find your nearest hotel with a pool for the kids, a spa for Mom and maybe a sports bar for Dad and you’re off to the races. All the benefits of leaving home—eating out, maid service, change of scenery—without hours of travel to get there.

Ice Skating

Winter isn’t quite over yet. Many locales maintain their outdoor rinks during the Spring Break. If it’s way too warm where you are for ice outside, check your local arenas for skating times.


March Break is the last hurrah for many ski hills and even if the snow isn’t falling from the sky, they’re making their own on the hills. This is also a perfect time for first timers to get out and try skiing while temperatures are hovering just around zero in most places. Most ski hills like, Mont Tremblant in Quebec, are offering great deals for families.

Local Events

With many families taking the week off to spend with their children, you can find a good amount of events in your local area planned specifically for March Break. Google events in your municipality and get out there. Chapters Indigo locations across Ontario are offering special events for kids all week long and our city library is holding tea parties for the kids. Call your local bookstore and see what they are offering.

Take a Hike

For those a little further south, the first signs of spring are just starting to peek through. Now is the time to stop hibernating and get familiar with nature again. If you still have snow in your neck of the woods, pun intended, then consider getting the family into a pair of snow shoes. Great exercise and loads of fun. Most State and Provincial tourist boards have a website dedicated to trails in their area, like this one.

Rock Climbing

Crazy, right? Wrong. Rock climbing is becoming an increasingly popular sport and is great for all ages. Don’t worry Mom, it’s all indoors with the safety of harnesses everywhere. So why not keep your little monkeys from climbing your walls and take them somewhere where they encourage it? Google “indoor rock climbing” in your State/Province and you should find a listing for the nearest gym to you.

Get Arsty

Okay, okay, so maybe you’re allergic to all this outdoor stuff. That’s fine. There’s plenty for you to do as well. Find a local pottery studio. Or see what your local Michael’s has happening. There is no end to creative outlets when you go searching for them.

Maple Syrup Season

The best time of the year is here for many. It’s the time of year the nectar of the gods is running — maple syrup. So get thee to your local Sugar Shack or Maple Syrup farm and indulge in this sweet, sticky syrup.

Plan a Night on The Town

Google the top restaurants in your area and pick one. Then plan a night out. Put on your best outfit, have a nice dinner out and then take in a show, like The Wizard of Oz.

Go Camping – In your Living Room

It’s not quite warm enough to camp outside, so have a little fun indoors. Pull out the sleeping bags and set up camp in front of your television. Make sure you have lots of popcorn and everyone’s favourite movies lined up. Added bonus: no cold trips to the outhouse in the middle of the night.

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