Simple & Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids

It feels like the December holidays ended yesterday, but Valentine’s Day is almost just one week away. I though I would round up a few simple and easy craft ideas you can create this week to celebrate.

Valentine Garland: created with colored cotton balls or craft store pom pom balls. Thread these using a needle on to fishing line, knot to create spacing, and hang from a window or over a doorway. You could also go with classic Paper Garland Strands. Is there anything more popular right now than garland? Garland looks to be by far the fastest and easiest way to decorate a room and add a touch of whimsy and festivity to your life. I recently received a garland of sparkly hearts, and I found it the perfect thing to jazz up my office workspace. These paper garland strands only require three items for creation and they can probably be finished in less than an hour. You could always have your child paint a few of the hearts to add a personal touch or to save for keepsake items.

Clay Play Hearts: This craft has a few more steps than the others, but it would be worth it—look how sweet these little hearts would be on a necklace! You could customize them to read your child’s name, lovely phrases, or secret words of affection.

Felt Coffee-Cup Sleeve: This would be perfect for my daily commute and cute for even children who like to emulate their parents. A downloadable template and sewing machine is called for through this link, but you could easily make your own with felt and some quick hand-stitching.

Paper Love Bug: Adorable! With just a few items you can easily create a little paper love bug for your home. Make several of them and hang from the ceiling with fishing line for a fun flying effect.

Finger Painted Hearts: I love this idea found through a friend on Instagram! Buy an inexpensive blank canvas from the craft store and use painters tape to create a heart, an “I love you” message, or design that you want to appear white. Then, pick your paints and have your little one paint the canvas however they like. Remove the tape when wet and let dry to have a beautiful keepsake perfect for hanging.

Do you have any favorite Valentine’s crafts? Annual traditions?

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