Family Vacation Tip: How To Prevent Identity Theft During Your Trip

You’ve poured over reviews, looked at all the different options, made your booking and are now looking forward to that family trip you’ve been planning for months. Your packing list is likely the first thing on your mind as you try and make sure you you don’t forget anything. Swimsuits, passports, underwear, toiletries, tech (or maybe that’s just me), tickets. Has the thought of making a list of things to do about identity theft while you are away? I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us would say “No.”

Believe it or not, it can happen in the blink of an eye. Here are some tips for helping to prevent identity theft during your trip.

1. But a hold on your mail – If you are planning to be gone for an extended period of time, anything over a week, it’s a good idea to put a hold on all your mail (bank statements, credit card bills etc.). It may be noticed that your cars aren’t in the driveway for several days a time – this is all it takes for thieves to pick up your mail and go through your personal items.

2. Take out the garbage – Don’t leave any personal items that are not shredded in your blue bins or garbage cans. Again, if thieves notice you are away, it doesn’t take long to go through your bills and obtain information leading to identity theft or

3. Alert Credit Card Companies – Be sure to let your credit card providers know you will be travelling, so if any suspicious charges appear on your card, they will know ahead of time. Also, this will help them to keep track of other possibly suspicious
charges that could appear elsewhere.

4. Limit Online Banking – When you are travelling you may be using internet cafes, or other public-usage computers. Ensure you log out of all sites that may give out personal information – especially when on a public computer.

5. Keep your wallet light – Keep your wallet light with as few cards and personal information as possible. Lock all valuables in your hotel safe or your suitcase. Pickpockets are more common than you think!

6. Never leave valuables unattended – Be sure to never leave your passport, birth certificate credit cards etc. lying around your hotel room. Most hotels provide a safe in each room, so use it!

7. Keep a close watch on bills – When you get home from your vacation, ensure you thoroughly check your bank statements and credit card bills for any possibly suspicious activity.

8. Choose ATMs carefully – Banks have been reporting more and more ATM-skimming crimes. This is when thieves insert a card reader into an ATM to capture your account information and PIN number when you use your card. It’s best to stick with ATMs located directly at a bank.

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