5 Fun & Inspiring Household Chore Toys That Encourage Kids To Help Out

Something I truly did not expect when parenting a toddler/kid was the genuine interest and delight in helping my husband and I around the house with chores. My daughter, just yesterday on our walk to pre-school asked, “Mom, when I get home can I help you do the laundry? Please?”  SERIOUSLY! Although her “helping” is sometimes a bit chaotic, it doesn’t matter what the job is, she is there at our side to get it done.

I thought it would be fun to buy her her own broom and dustpan set so she would be outfitted to lend a hand next time she was eager.  And, oddly? Obviously? She loved it!  It is pretty adorable to watch her concentrating on gathering her pile, pushing it into the pan, and carrying it (most of it!) to the garbage can.

When searching around for other household chore toys I was not disappointed.  Here is a round-up of some fun, modern toys that are sure to grow with your tot and encourage tidiness and imaginative play.

Wonder Cleaning Cart – Giggle.com – $100.00
Featured above, with a wheeled base, this adorable wooden toy kit allows your little one to cruise around the house with ease.

Wonder Vacuum – Giggle.com – $45.00
With an adjustable handle and ability to pick up small objects you can’t go wrong with this mini vacuum! Made from eco materials, and also comes with two pretend pieces of trash to play with.

Plan Toys Washing Machine – Amazon.com –  $129.36
This pint size front loading washing machine is too cute for words!  It has a place to put the detergent, an opening front door and buttons to turn, which makes clicking sounds.

Jonti-Craft Housecleaning set – Amazon.com – $39.98
Your little one will be ready to tackle the chore list with this fun cleaning set.  With a very realistic look, just miniature in size, this set conveniently sits in a stand for easy storage.

Plan Toys Dishwasher Set – Amazon.com
–  $182.51
Painted bright green, a stainless steel kitchen bowl and a realistic looking tap this dishwasher set will surely inspire and excite.


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