Working At Home & How We Keep Our Privacy Safe With A Baby-Safe Shredder

As you may or may not know, my husband and I run a business from home in addition to my other job here at Child Mode and my writing career. Because of this we have two ‘offices’ and go through quite a few office supplies in a year. Shredding documents is something we are both very passionate about. Having heard countless horror stories in the media about personal information being stolen and identity theft on the rise, it has always been important that we shred all documents before putting them in the trash.

This was before we had kids.

After the arrival of our first child, I wanted our shredder moved far, far away. The thought of my daughter sticking her fingers in that tiny slot was enough to give me a heart attack. It was too dangerous. So, we promptly removed the shredder from our office and have since been ripping everything up by hand. Hundreds of papers later and a lot of time wasted, we found a solution.

The Fellowes Powershred 69Cb Cross-Cut Shredder is nothing like our shredder from the past, in fact it makes our previous machine look like a dinosaur. Out of box there is no assembly required, you simpy pull it out of the box and plug it in. The unit is on rollers which allows it to be moved around as needed.

The paper slot on this machine is much thinner than our previous unit, preventing little fingers from sticking themselves inside. In addition it is equipped with their patented SafeSense Technology which means the machine stops shredding as soon as hands touch the paper opening. In other words, it is impossible for your little one to get hurt. Genius? I think so too.

Another perk with this shredder is how quiet it is. It’s almost completely silent so you don’t have to worry about alerting the entire office when you shred a document. Yet another thing our previous shredder was good at. For the utmost safety it is recommended that you purchase a cross cut shredder which is exactly what this machine does. It chops the paper up into confetti sized pieces before emptying them into a 5 gallon pull-out bin.

Guess what else? You don’t have to remove staples from your documents before shredding and you can even shred your credit cards in this machine! Tough as nails.

If I didn’t have one already, this would be at the top of my Christmas list this year. Sure it isn’t the most romantic gift, but after the headaches I’ve gone through with shredders in the past – it is an absolute thrill to have one that isn’t a terror to use.

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