Swimsuits For Baby Girls That Are Designed To Make Diaper Changes a Cinch

Having a son this time around has made diaper changes at the pool or beach much more convenient and simple. There is no full bathing suit to shimmy and peel off, you simply slide his board shorts off and on. Incredible!

Wouldn’t it be great if girls’ swimsuits were as easy to take on and off as the boys’? Apparently, they are and I have just been looking in the wrong place. Snapping Turtle Kids Swimwear has designed a line of swimwear that opens and closes at the bottom with snaps, making diaper changes a cinch. Can you say brilliant? This is the invention you wish you would have thought of years ago!


I’m going gaga over the Southampton collection and so chic! Other collections include the Capri, Malibu, Palm Beach, Nantucket, Sea Island and Jetsetter. Matching cover-ups, swimsuit bags and totes are also available.

Visit snappingturtlekids.com/ for more information.

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