The Reversible Baby Sleeper Is Pink ‘N Blue All In One!

Parents to both genders, twins or new parents looking to expand their brood will really appreciate this new sleeper! TwoTara, a gender reversible baby clothing line has just released a sleeper that can be reversed from pink to blue. Talk about a great shower gift idea for those who are waiting to find out the sex of their child!

Each sleeper is made from 100% interlock knit cotton making them super soft and comfortable for infants. Expectant mamas who are waiting for their ‘surprise’ baby won’t have to opt for an entire wardrobe of yellow and green again.

This new reversible collection is named after the TuaTara, which is a chameleon-like lizard – native to New Zealand – that changes colors over time. Since the garments also “change colors” to best serve your changing needs, they figured that the name would be a perfect fit.

Twotara also sells hats, footies, gowns and booties (all reversible). The idea is so fab, I’m actually scratching my head wondering why no one else thought of this sooner?

Price: $5.00-$35.00

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