The Mercedes-Benz Luxury Baby Stroller Concept

It was bound to happen. With all of the designer strollers popping up right, left and center, it was only a matter of time that Mercedes-Benz jumped into the stroller craze, although they technically haven’t quite ‘officially’ done so. According to Born Rich, Young Hungarian student designer Árpád Takács, who is currently studying industrial design at the Hungarian Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, has designed a functional piece of art dubbed as the Abeo baby pram concept for Mercedes-Benz Style, a unique styling division comprising not only transport-related products, but also furniture and lifestyle products and industrial design.

This is very similar to the Porsche Baby Stroller by Porsche Design that matches the luxury car. Árpád Takács’s Abeo baby pram is designed in such a way that it provides a secure and comfortable atmosphere, mimicking the mother’s womb. The lightweight carbon chassis is foldable and has the same dimensions as a shopping cart.

Only time will tell whether this vision becomes a reality, but it certainly looks cool! What do you think of this new baby buggy?

Source and photos: Born Rich

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