5 Simple Games & Activities For Babies Ages 6-9 Months

It’s funny how different kids can be. My 8-month-old son is starting to show a real interest in games, toys and just simple cause and effect, while at this age my daughters were into stacking, sorting and creating ‘collections’ of things, books and toys, with absolutely no interest in traditional play whatsoever.

We have a really cute xylophone that we bought for my middle daughter a couple of years back and although she never quite took to the whole concept of music-making, my son is overly keen on banging the keys and squeals when he makes music. When a customer rings the doorbell and walks into the office, he looks at the door and the chime in wonder. These simple actions have been a source of constant entertainment for him!

Because of this, I wanted to share 5 of our favourite activities and games that we’ve been playing with him for the last couple of months.

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