Ingrid & Isabel’s BellaBand ~ Our Review On This Must-Have Maternity Accessory

I have some exciting news to share with our readers – I’ll be joining Child Mode’s Editor-in-Chief Nadia Carriere, in the three-kid club come October! Yes, in the not to distant future I will either be welcoming a brother or sister for my two bigger boys.

For my first pregnancy I didn’t show until I was about 20+ weeks, and my work uniform was a spandex waist so there was no concern about maternity wear. For my second, I am pretty certain I lived in comfy pants since I was so busy chasing around my less than 1-year-old! My maternity clothes purchased toward the end of pregnancy one was more than sufficient for pregnancy number two.

Here I am, 4+ years older, and let’s be honest, 5-10 lbs. heavier than I was way back when. I had given away all of my maternity clothing once I declared I wouldn’t be having anymore children, and baby #3 is making its prescence known much sooner than my other two. I became frustrated that I would already be needing maternity pants, when really,  I wasn’t too far along at all.

Enter BellaBand.

Yes, I am aware BellaBand is not a new product – but it is new to me, and I am here to share that it has been a welcome addition to my home.

I received a BellaBand in white from Ingrid & Isabel, the designers behind the brand, and while skeptical that I would be able to comfortably wear my old pants, I was pleased to see that I no longer needed to head out and buy maternity pants (quite yet!). I am certain that for some of my dress pants, the BellaBand will be sufficient throughout my pregnancy. Apparently the trick, which I was surprised to see, is the silicone strip along the bottom. I have worn my BellaBand through standing 8 hour shifts, with no worry of the strip giving out!

There are many colors available, and I plan to accumulate a few more because you can easily see the bottom part unless you have a very long shirt on. There are also a variety of styles, from the Everyday Band, to the BellaBand Organic, and the new BellaBand Lace.

I plan to share the good word of BellaBand to any moms-to-be I speak with, it truly is an innovative product that I am happy to have for this pregnancy. You can find BellaBand products on Ingrid & Isabelle’s website here.

Disclosure: Ingrid & Isabel provided a BellaBand for review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.

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