Designed In The U.K., The Ruk-bug Migration Is A Baby Buggy Like No Other

The Ruk-bug is a new stroller invented by Russell Clifton, a British father of two young children who after going through a frustrating 10 hour flight when his daughter was just a baby, returned home with a damaged and unusable buggy. He spent the last 7 years researching and developing various ways to create the perfect stroller that would meet the needs of parents and wouldn’t tip (a common occurance with lightweight buggies).

The Ruk-bug was recently unveiled at the Harrogate Nursery Fair last month, where attendees were able to check out the prototype.

The photos you see are just preliminaries. The Ruk-bug Migration will also feature a hood, and the seat position will change to accommodate children from birth and up. The phone dock you see on the handle has been removed from the original design due to theft worries.

The stroller is said to weigh only 7kg/15.4 lbs, but is supposed to be robust enough to tackle any terrain. It is also equipped with an anti-tip frame, one-handed fold and puncture proof tires as well as the ability to fold it and carry it on your back, leaving you hands free to tend to your children.

No word on the price as of yet. Rumour has it the Ruk-bug will go on sale in September 2012 in black and silver as well as the burgundy and cream version.

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