Are You On Pinterest Yet? Cool Pins/Ideas For Easter


Are you on Pinterest yet? I’ve gushed in the past about our love over here at Child Mode for the virtual corkboard, so I thought that in honor of Easter I would share a bit of insight into what regular Pinterester’s are looking for in a potential pin, and share some of our favorite pins related to the holiday.

How does Pinterest work for me? I have boards for everything from Inspiration, to Recipes, to Gardening Ideas. There is an abundance of Pins that do not interest me, and I think I can safely speak for many parents when I say that we are looking for innovative ideas on how to simplify our lives, spruce things up a bit, and have a little fun. I can’t tell you how many friends have utilized ideas first spotted on Pinterest, with great success!

One of my favorite ways to use Pinterest is to gather ideas for upcoming holidays and events. Today I wanted to share some of the creative and downright clever ideas that I have come across for the upcoming Easter holiday this Sunday. (You can follow Child Mode on Pinterest here!)

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