Spring Is Here! 4 Fun & Simple Crafts For Kids That We Are Itching To Try

We’ve been treated to some unseasonably warm weather up here lately (save for yesterday, when the mercury dipped back below zero Celsius) and we’ve definitely been taking advantage of the Springtime vibe that it brings along. All we can think about is sunshine and colour! My garden is starting to turn green again, the trees are budding and the skies have been beautiful.

In honour of one of my favourite seasons, here are a few craft ideas that I can’t wait to try out with my daughter!

Pictured above: Create a tiny nest using yarn and a balloon! This one is filled with candy eggs, but you could easily substitute toy eggs, wooden or handmade. I think this would be an excellent addition to a Springtime nature table.

Brighten up your home with these fun rainbow wind catchers. I bet these would be great hanging outside for a sunny day picnic, or as party decorations hanging from the ceiling! I know my daughter would adore these!

Help your kiddos decorate and grow a cup of Spring! Those little foam cutouts have me itching to create little mosaic designs on the cup. My daughter and I have been talking a lot about patterns lately and she spots them everywhere. This would be another fun way to incorporate a natural lesson into playtime.

Make a wind chime craft out of old keys (or cutlery) and hang it outside. You could also try a variation by creating an X-shape with two sticks, tied together with string and hung from the middle. The possibilities are endless!

Have you been trying out any Spring crafts with your brood?

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