The Children’s Place Fashion Haul (VIDEO) & Info On Their Place Cash Back Program

The kids are outgrowing their clothes like there is no tomorrow, so I had to hit the shops to stock up on some basics. The Children’s Place is a favorite of mine, but I haven’t been as enthralled to shop there as I have since they started accepting Air Miles.

To top that off, they have introduced some really great deals and sales over the past month or so, one of which includes Place Cash. For ever $50 spent, The Children’s Place will give you a coupon worth $25 to be used the following month. If you spend between $100-$149.99 that goes up to $50 and then again to $75 if you spend between $150-$199.00.

This combined with the 35% off deal they had yesterday resulted in mega savings, so needless to say, I was quite happy! The deal is going on from now until April 8, 2012, so check them out if you need to stock up on clothes for your kids. Easter outfits and holiday spring wear is discounted up to 40% off now as well (including shoes!).

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