Little Librarian Book Kit: The E-Reader Replacement For Kids

With the news of Encyclopedia Britannica doing digital (no more print) and after watching this video of a baby who is convinced that a paper magazine is really just a broken iPad, one thing is certain – electronics and digital devices are taking over. Although some people may argue with me, I find this heartbreaking. We are a very digital family, but I can guarantee you nothing will ever take away the joy of a paper book or library for me. I use e-readers while traveling, but at home it’s all about the paper.

When I saw this adorable Little Librarian Book Kit, I knew I had to feature it here!┬áThe toy was a finalist for Disney Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year Award in 2010, Creative Child Magazine’s Seal of Excellence Winner for 2011 and was listed on’s 15 best toys for first grade. The kit contains 54 pieces to help you transform your child’s book collection into a library.

Price: $19.99 from

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