minjjoo Door “The Door Within A Door” Provides Cool Kid Design & Promotes Independence

If we are talking innovation, I think that the “door within a door” may be one of the most innovate designs I have come across in quite some time. Such a simple concept, yet something that I have never come across before as a “real” comprehensive design.

The “minjjoo” door is the brainchild of German designers Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller (jjoo Designs), in collaboration with door manufacturer Holitsch. The design was created to allow children to feel more independent and confident, much as the Montessori model of teaching stresses having everything (including bathroom sinks, etc.) at a lower level and easily accessible to the children.

The door is a standard size interior door and can be painted on, OR drawn on. Yes, you read that right, the door is finished in a waterproof white chalkboard-coating allowing for chalks and water soluble markers to be utilized for creating artwork or writing. This great feature, along with the modern and sleek design of the minjjoo make for a perfect addition to any children’s bedroom or playroom!

You can learn more about the minjjoo children’s door on the company’s website.

Source: DesignBoom

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