Roses & Rye Shoes Are Made & Designed For Moms ~ Our Review Of The Marina

I love ballet flats, so much so that they have become my first choice of footwear for daily jaunts, outings or when traveling. Recently I was introduced to a new company who has put a new twist on the classic ballet flat. Roses & Rye sells a couple of shoe styles with moms in mind and my favorite is The Marina. Notice the cut out? That is actually a partial d’Orsay design that is oh so comfortable! I wore these to and from the airport during a recent trip to New York City and really, really appreciated the cut out as it accommodated the slight swelling that I experienced during my long days in heels. Why I didn’t wear these the entire time I’ll never know. Lesson learned I guess!

Each one of Roses & Rye’s shoes boast seven patent pending features designed to protect women’s feet while running around as us busy moms do. Yes, these shoes are in fact designed for moms! Each pair is bench-made by cobblers and come with plenty of features:

  • Angled mid-sole designed to alleviate stress on your arches and also help to take the pressure of busy days.
  • Arch support to protect against plantar facilitis and fallen arches (there is additional support in the insole as well)
  • Toe box won’t squeeze your toes as it is wide enough to accommodate them comfortably and yet still manage to look elegant.

Forget the man-made materials, each pair of Roses & Rye shoes are meant to last. They are made from a super soft kid leather, thus providing a luxurious feel and comfortable fit. In regards to pricing the shoes retail for $189.00, but keep in mind they are not throw-aways. The quality of these shoes rival European brands and are meant to last a long time and the leather will just get softer with wear.

The Marina comes in a wide range of sizes and 4 basic colors – red, black, camel and pewter and can be purchased directly through Roses & Rye.

*Company sent sample for review purposes. Thoughts are mine and mine alone as per usual.

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