Onda Luxy Bubbles: The Luxury Baby Whirlpool Bathtub

This may very well be is most definitely the most luxe baby bath I have ever laid eyes on. OKbaby in Italy has designed the “Onda Luxy Bubbles” in such a way that it could be dubbed a baby spa rather than just a tub. After extensive research the team behind this company designed baby friendly nozzles for the tub that not only produce air bubbles that mimic a whirlpool bath, but also softly “caress” your baby in a way that could provide benefits. According to Okbaby,

“The first immediate result is that it stimulates relaxation, adding to that the benefit of warm water (37/38 degrees centigrade) which helps reduce nervous tension and promotes circulation.”

To top it off, the bath is outfitted with 6 tiny LED lights for the built-in chromotherapy system. Fixed light mode is available in blue, green, red, yellow color, or “Relax Bath Cycle Mode” with the color sequence of blue, indigo, blue, violet every 15′. The bath also has a control keypad with a built-in digital thermometer to measure water temperature and comes equipped with flexible drainage hose for an easy emptying in the bathroom ware.

The Onda Luxy Bubbles also comes with a bath kit including a terry robe, bath and massage oil, sponge and rubber bath toy.

The price? A cool $2621.00 USD. Wow!


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