Nanny In The Clouds ~ In-Flight Babysitting Service For Traveling Families

Have you ever been on a flight with your child that didn’t go as smooth as you’d have liked? I recall a trip to California from Detroit in 2008 with my then 1-year-old when he had a full on meltdown right as the plane began to lift off the ground. It was LITERALLY a nightmare and there was nothing I could do to help. What I wouldn’t have done for an extra set of hands to help out during that flight.

I am certainly not the only one who has experienced a fussy baby or cranky child on an airplane, and one mom has come up with an interesting solution to help busy parents in need of some extra help; Nanny In The Clouds.

Nanny In The Clouds is an in-flight babysitting service that launched back in November 2011, and pairs up travelers that are qualified to babysit, with parents that are looking for additional help. You have to register on their website pre-travel in order to find a match, which at this point has a success rate of zero possibly due to fact that the site just recently launched.

Julie Melnick, founder of Nanny In The Clouds, came up with the concept after taking her then 2-year-old on board a flight and recalling it being quite the “draining experience”. She wanted to save other parents from the same journey, which is when she thought of pairing qualified babysitters with parents seeking some backup.

You can visit Nanny In The Clouds‘ website here and learn more about their services and protocol.

What do you think of in-flight babysitters? Would you utilize the service?

Source: MSNBC

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