Tutu Du Monde Spring Summer 2012 ~ High Tea With Madame Woo

Season after season Tutu Du Monde invites girls to step into a world of magic, whimsy and make believe. Their collections are frilly, fun and elegant and Spring/Summer 2012 is no exception. Tutu Du Monde’s new collection High Tea with Madame Woo takes inspiration from an eccentric tea party. The tutu skirts, dresses and tops are made from the finest tulle and silk organza and then topped with twinkly crystal beads, sparkly sequins, silk ribbons and wisps of soft feathers.

Think – cupcakes!

With the detailing, these fashionable creations could easily be compared to a master baker’s delicately layered mille feuille or a cake decorated with sugar flowers, dusky sprinkles and silver balls. The outfits are aptly named as such – Sugar Drop tutu, Cream Puff caplet, Little Muffin dress and Cut the Cake caplet to name just a few. These beautiful pieces are ideal for parties, dress up or even walking down the isle as a flower girl.

Tutu Du Monde is available from select boutiques in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, United States and Middle East. You can also purchase online through www.tutudumonde.com.

Prices range from $49-$159.

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