Beauty Care For Moms: Our Review On The Caudalie Paris Skincare Line

Several years ago there was lots of buzz on the Caudalie skin care line. Madonna was publicly announced her love for the brand and several large media outlet sang its praises. As a beauty and skin care buff I was intrigued with the formula and overall brand, but never had a chance to experience the line until recently.

Caudalie uses seeds from grapes in their line of anti aging skin care. Years ago, young European women used to use the sap that flowed from grape vines to help reduce spots and brighten their complexion. Turns out they were on to something, as the molecule responsible for creating such radiance is now a patented ingredient called Vineferine. It is used in many of Caudalie’s products such as Vinoperfect, a best seller in European pharmacies.

What I love most about Caudalie is their ingredient list. The company uses zero parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate and animal products. Several months ago, while chatting with someone on Twitter, I mentioned how I would love to try the line when it arrived in North America. Turns out it had arrived! Caudalie contacted me over Twitter asking if I would be interested in testing out the range and of course, I was happy to oblige!

Over the last couple of months I’ve tested out 5 products from the Caudalie line: Instant Foam Cleanser, Pulpe Vitaminee (Eye and Lip Cream), Premier Cru (The Cream), Eau De Beaute (Beauty Elixir) and Vinosource (Quenching Sorbet-Creme).

Instant Foam Cleanser

This right here is my favourite product from the entire line. I was apprehensive about whether or not it would actually ‘clean’ my face as the formula is quite water and as soon as you press the pump down it transforms into a mass of foam. Surprisingly though it is the most gentle and affective formula I’ve used, removes makeup and doesn’t leave my face feeling dry.




Premier Cru

Premier Cru is the ‘Creme de la Creme” from the line. It is formulated using a combination of the 3 Caudalie patents – Resveratrol, Viniferine and grape Polyphenols. I liked the overall moisturizing nature of this cream and my skin felt firmer after using it over a period of a month. Many people rave about the ‘delicate scent’ of this cream, however I’m really not a fan. It is a shame as the cream itself is lovely, but I found the scent to perfumey for my own personal taste.

Pulpe Vitaminée Eye and Lip Cream

Dark circles and puffiness are an issue I have with my eyes due to late nights, early mornings and genetics. Thankfully I have been able to keep them at bay thanks to the wonders of eye cream. Pulpe Vitaminée doubles up as a lip cream to prevent fine lines and keep lipstick from bleeding. The cream is unscented, very gentle and moisturizing. Really, really liked this one. At $49 it isn’t cheap but you need so little of the product, so it lasts a long time.

Eau de Beaute

I have my favorites when it comes to skin creams, but haven’t found the perfect toner until now. Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir is a great pick me up in the summer months and gives you a boost of radiance in the winter. The main ingredients consist of orange flower water, rosemary, rose and peppermint essential oil. This is heaven after a flight!

Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème

This was my favourite face cream from the two I tried. The formula is very, very light and non greasy but it moisturizes even very dry skin like my own. The scent is floral/fruity scent is mild, very pleasant and doesn’t linger. Two thumbs up on this cream!



Will I purchase this line myself in the future?

Short answer – yes. I have already repurchased the cleanser as so far, it has been the best I’ve used for my personal needs. The Beauty Elixir is another product I will most likely continue using. In regards to creams, the Vinosource will most likely stay on my cream rotation. I really liked  Premier Cru, but just couldn’t get past the scent. All in all, I quite happy with Caudalie and feel that it has lived up to its hype.

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