Crafty Tuesday: Simple Scrap Fabric Bunting

Last week, my daughter came across a strand of bunting, made by a dear friend of mine, which I’d yet to hang in our home. She was very interested in bringing it into her bedroom, however, in a moment of mama-inspiration, I thought we might use up some of my scrap fabric stash to make her a strand of her very own special bunting — an idea she was thrilled to try!

For this simple bunting DIY, you’ll need:

Yarn: Any colour of yarn, long enough to span the space where you’d like to hang your finished bunting.

Fabric: Scrap fabric, cut into strips. Our strips are about 6″ in length.

01. Gather your supplies, cut your strips of fabric and your length of yarn. If your kiddos are old enough, they can assist with these steps, always taking proper precautions with scissors, of course.

02. Cut a 1″ slit near one end of each fabric strip.

03. To attach your bits of bunting to your yard, have your child lay their fabric on a flat surface, then lay their yarn on top. This makes it simple to take one end of their fabric strip to thread through the cut slit at the opposite end. They can then pull the fabric tight to secure the bunting.

04. Add as many pieces of fabric as desired, play around with their placement.

05. Hang when finished!

This DIY is as simple or complex as you make it. Experiment with materials, shapes and colours. Your little ones will be so proud to hang their creations up by their beds, reading nooks or dollhouses.


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