Boguslaw Sliwinski Designs Humorous Plates For Fun & Imaginative Meals

Mealtimes can be a challenge for parents who have little picky eaters on their hands, which is why we try to provide healthy recipes and meal ideas that are a little different from the norm. There is yet another way however, one which is so fun and hilarious, I don’t think any child could possibly refuse a meal if it were served on a Boguslaw Sliwinski design.

Despite the overall principle, that food should not be played with, Boguslaw Sliwinksi has designed plates that actually encourage children to play with their food. Kids can be the captain of their own ship, or a truck driver arranging for a delivery of salad. Brussels Sprouts turn into a cosmic stone superman, and pineapple turns into a big wheel truck operating in the diamond mines in Africa.

Each one of these plates are made from high quality ceramics that have been drawn on with a durable and resistant application which is resistant to dishwashers or microwaves.

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