TwigTale ~ Cute Personalized Gift & Learning Books For Kids

My kids love to look through photos of themselves as babies and get all excited when we talk about what they used to do, their favorite things and other details about their infancy. TwigTale has taken this concept and turned it into a gift idea that is perfect for children ages 0-5.

TwigTale is a personalization program that allows parents, friends or family to create personalized storybooks for kids using their own photos and words. You can choose from fun books, learning books, gift books as well as books with subjects that help children through challenging childhood transitions. The editable template is simple to use and allows you to see what the book would look like when completed.

The most surprising aspect of this gift idea is its affordability. The books retail for $20.00 each plus shipping & handling. I wish I would have known about this product before my second daughter was born. It would have made such a great gift for her transition into sisterhood.

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